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Posted March 6, 2014 by tedmark

Laughing is contagious. Looking at some funny images or browsing through a jokes collection can instantly relieve stress or tension and create good disposition.
Laughing is contagious. Looking at some funny images or browsing through a jokes collection can instantly relieve stress or tension and create good disposition. Moreover, sharing laughs with others creates cordial relationships and helps boost social life. Thus, laughter is a valuable capital which acts as medicine for the mind as well as for the body.
We often hear that laughter is the best medicine, but we often take it as a metaphor when, in fact, studies have shown that laughter does really help us both physically and mentally. Laughing is contagious and excites the brain, making it produce endorphins which are also called ‘the hormones of happiness’. When we laugh by ourselves or in the company of others, the brain triggers changes in our bodies. We feel happy when we look at some funny images or when we’re browsing through a jokes collection. Doctors and researchers have shown that our physical and mental state changes when we laugh: we experience happiness, relieve mental stress, boost our immune system and get more energy. Reading a jokes collection can relieve stress and improve disposition, so we can say that laughter really does support our health in all ways possible.
We all have innate humor and this is a characteristic which makes us humans different from any other beings. Moreover, humor is an unlimited resource since it relates to our capacity to create, another unlimited potential of the human being. Many researchers have studied this human characteristic and have concluded that humor helps people stay in shape, it keeps them balanced both physically and mentally. Pain, suffering and other negative aspects in a person life can be dealt with easier by people who have a good sense of humor. A good joke can help a person forget pain; all it takes is to look at some funny images or take a look at a jokes collection to instantly light up your mood. Humor has powerful effects on us: it liberates us from stress, gives us hope, sharpens attention and focus and boosts our energy levels. Moreover, if shared, laughter can also create more intimacy and improves relationships between people. Nothing can break ice easier that sharing some jokes.
Humor has intrinsic healing power, which means that we can use this ‘medicine’ whenever we are sick, when we’re feeling down or when stress is overwhelming. In fact, people who use laughter as medicine really do have healthier, more rewarding lives and they’re able to get through difficulties much easier, without losing their physical or emotional balance. During laughter, the body relaxes and blood circulation improves. The immune system also benefits directly from laughter, since it reduces stress hormones while growing antibodies numbers, thus offering better protection against infections and diseases. The endorphins released in the body as a result of laughter help balance mental forces by inducing a sense of well-being. So it’s true: laughter really is the best medicine one can get. And it’s absolutely free!
You can have hours of entertainment looking at funny images or reading a jokes collection ! A few seconds’ laughter will brighten up your day.
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