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Looking for the best workout and diet plans to lose belly fat effectively? Read the tips shared by the best 5-star gyms in Dubai and join the best fitness studio near you.
Are you wondering how to get a smaller waist in a few months? Or is it even possible amidst your busy schedule? The answer is YES! Even if you live in one of the busiest cities like Dubai and have a crazy daily routine, you don’t have to say goodbye to your workout and healthy diet. Looking for someone expert to push you and motivate you daily? Join one of the 5-star gyms in Dubai the expert will help you reach your goals!

But before you start your hunt for the best gym near you, you must understand how weight loss works. Don’t think that you can lose weight from only one part of your body without losing overall weight. Instead, the expert fitness trainers will guide you to tone and firm your muscles underneath the belly while you achieve an overall weight loss due to regular workouts. There’s more to it, you need a healthy lifestyle, a proper sleep cycle, on-time eating habits, and daily exercise that will provide you with the best results you want.

The nutrition experts of the best gyms in Business Bay, Dubai agree that you need to burn off 3500 calories to shed one pound of store fat in your body whereas a standard one-day exercise plan helps you to burn someone around 500 to 800 calories. So, if your body burns a daily average of 750 calories than you consume, you can lose one pound of fat every week. Keep in mind, weight loss is a process and it takes time. Losing weight too quickly would be very challenging, and not very healthy.

A Few Effective Forms of Exercise to Reduce Your Waist Size

As per the experts of the 5-star gyms in Dubai, the below-mentioned physical activities will solely target your waist while helping you achieve full-body shedding.
• Yoga

As per a survey done on women with abdominal fat, it was revealed that an intensive yoga program of twelve weeks significantly improved their conditions. Along with burning calories, yoga also helps you to manage your stress. So, get started with yoga under the supervision of expert instructors of the best gyms in Business Bay.
• Planks
Plank is one of the most effective exercises for your abdominal muscles. Along with shaping your belly, it also works on the muscles surrounding your core helps support a healthy posture. Your expert trainer will guide you on how to do it right and they will even push you to increase your plan-holding time. The more you can hold one set of plank, the stronger and slimmer your waist will become.

• High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Some 5-star gyms in Dubai suggest that HIIT exercise is more effective than traditional cardio when it comes to cutting down abdominal fat. These are cardiovascular exercises that involve brief periods of “all-out intensity”. A HIIT exercise plan might involve a series of activities like biking, sprinting, running, followed by some lower-intensity activities that normalize your heart rate.

How to Maintain Your Diet to Get a Smaller Waist?

While exercising is a must-do activity to include in your daily life, what you are eating also makes a difference in how your belly appears. So, it’s a must that you are eating well-balanced, healthy meals to nourish your body.

There are times when the bad habits creep in and you end up eating some junk food without thinking about the after-effects. So, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips shared by the best gyms in Business Bay.

• Plan Ahead for Your Week

When your eating choices are unhealthy, you get hungry more often and simply gulp down what is available right at the moment. The solution is to stock up fruits, vegetables, and foods high in vitamin D, soluble fiber, and probiotics in advance so that you always have something healthy to kill your hunger pangs. If you don’t get enough time to cook on weekdays, take out some hours on the weekends and ensure a few simple things:

• Hard boil a few eggs (finish it within 3 days)
• Bake or grill some chicken breast (for your super busy Mondays)
• Pick up a few cartons of Greek Yogurt
• Wash and cut your favorite fruits and veggies and pack them in air-tight bags to freeze them
• Make a big pot of chicken-vegetables soup and divide it into microwavable containers for at least two days

The point is to prepare your foods in advance so that you don’t run out of options when you are hungry in between work. However, the 5-star gyms in Dubai don’t recommend eating pre-cooked and frozen food for more than two to three days. Try to stock up on fresh foods as much as you can.

• Eat in the Right Balance

Carbs, healthy fats, and protein always go tother in healthy meals for a reason. It aims to keep you satisfied and full for a long time. So, try to eat all the nutrients together every time you munch on something. For example, if you are grabbing an apple as your snack, pair it up with a tablespoon of peanut butter and you will get more results. Some healthy snacking ideas include:

• Protein shake mixed up with fruits or veggies
• Whole grain bread toast with bananas and peanut butter
• Hummus and veggie sticks
• Full-fat Greek yogurt with some berries
If you join one of the best gyms in Business Bay, you will get an expert dietitian to help you with a full-scale diet plan for the entire week.

3. Say No to Unexpected Treats

You are a busy, driven person who stays outside during most hours of the day. Naturally, you spend the most time with your colleagues, friends, and associates. It might be hard or awkward to say no when someone else offers you some junk food that is not on your diet list. But you have to pay attention and be intentional about what you eat during the day. If you are forgetful, maintain a food journal and write down things you eat throughout the week. In the end, it will be like a reality check for you.

4. The 5-star gyms in Dubai Never Recommend Crash Diet

Following a crash diet without any expert’s recommendation might cause your metabolic rate to drop significantly. A crash diet refers to totally cutting down calories, carbohydrates, and fat. Please try and understand your body needs everything, even fat, but in a moderate and balanced amount. So, always listen to your dietitian and don’t mess up with your food intake.

5. Avoid Bloating

None feels like their waist is slip and trim when they are bloated. That’s why the experts of the best gyms in Business Bay always recommend adding debloat foods to your diet. Eat lots of leafy greens and strictly avoid processed or baked foods.

Choose The Gym Dubai- One Of The 5-star gyms in Dubai

We hope you found all the information useful. If you want to be in safe hands and experience sustainable results, join The Gym Dubai, one of the best luxury gyms in the city, and achieve your fitness goals.
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