Add Panache to Jewelry by including Gemstones and Beads

Posted June 18, 2021 by thejewelryjunkie

Bohemian jewelry has come back with a splash again and this time, it seems like the individualistic concept is being loved by all.
Bohemian culture has slowly evolved over years giving people a chance to be their own person. The culture’s idea is to not be dictated by anyone, i.e., to be their own person instead of acting according to the masses. This is to give a sense of individuality and to be down to earth. However, the main idea that is cultivated in Bohemian culture is to be ground-hearted and not be materialistic. It promotes social values and kind ways to improve society.

This is why ideas of Bohemian culture act as a support to philosophers and artists. They are similar to hippies in the manner that they consider their souls wandering. They align themselves to the earth, oceans, and animals, trying to connect to them.

In the modern era, boho jewelry like the boho beaded bracelets has been accepted by many people to express themselves as down-to-earth people. Boho jewelry is an easy and accessible way to speak about one’s personality.

Usually, even though the normal types of jewelry are worn to showcase style, most of them are influenced by the need to impress others. The idea behind Bohemian jewelry is that it is not supposed to be worn for others. It is supposed to be worn only for oneself, as a part of one’s character. Some wear it as their personal choice while some wear it to display what their personality represents.

Recently, the two most trendy Bohemian jewelry items have been beaded bracelets and natural stone jewelry. Natural stones or gemstones (naturally found ones) are used for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, in boho jewelry. Gemstones, go on to showcase the unconventional and special traits of a person. Those who wear them have classified the stones extensively. The composition of the stones can be a symbol of a character. Usually, it’s color. Red could mean a dominant or strong personality. Blue could denote kindness. Green could mean that the person loves connecting with nature or has a grounded personality. There are a lot of ways a gemstone could mean something and in boho culture, that depends on the wearer.

Bohemian culture allows a person to invent their own meaning about jewelry and clothes. It is all about a person being able to connect with such elements spiritually.

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