What are the different types of Industrial Heaters?

Posted October 3, 2019 by thermaxpune

Industrial heaters have found their acceptance in multiple processes where the temperature of an object is required to be increased.
Industrial heaters have found their acceptance in multiple processes where the temperature of an object is required to be increased. For instance, lubricating oil in a machine must be warmed before feeding. Or a pipe in the plant might require heat tracing to prevent it from freezing in the cold.

When discussing the applications of industrial heaters, they can be employed in a wide variety of industrial settings. Industries such as food, oil, plastics, gas, and chemicals use an industrial heater to help with various processes.

Here’s a list of common types of industrial heaters that are employed the most:

Immersion Heaters

The industries dealing with large sized containers, tanks, and vats employ immersion heaters. These types of heaters utilize a direct heat transfer to heat liquids, which boosts the speed for fluids reaching the required temperature.

Immersion heaters are a compelling choice for liquids with vastly different properties, and they usually require little in the form of maintenance. Further, these types of heaters can be categorized into the following models:
Flanged heaters
Circulation heaters
Over the side heaters
Screw plug heaters

These heaters were initially operated with fuel as the source of power. But with fuel costs rising in recent times, the evolution of electric immersion heaters took place. They are a much better alternative for the environment and are useful in transferring the heat much faster.

Pipe Heaters

Going by the name, pipe heaters are an effective method to heat appliances that require low heat such as tar, waxes, and molasses. They can fit inside two or 3-inch pipes. Pipe heaters don’t come in contact with the liquid they are being applied to heat. They transfer their heat indirectly. These types of industrial heaters require low maintenance as the heating medium is not in liquid form.

Circulation Heaters

One of the few types of immersion heaters, they’re also referred to as ‘in-line’ heaters. Industries manufacture these types of heaters in a wide range of watt densities. The watt density is usually decided and designed depending on the type of liquid that will be heated. If you desire to select a circulation heater, then reviewing its viscosity and flow rate parameters might help you pick one.

Cartridge Heaters

These types of heaters are mainly designed to heat solids by fitting them inside a cavity or mold snugly and attain high temperatures. They’re provided with the capability to carry thermocouple. Consequently, they can precisely control and maintain the heater’s temperature. Cartridge heaters can be employed for laboratory equipment, food equipment, water-based applications, and much more.

Duct Heaters

Duct type heaters are mostly utilized for either process heating applications or airflow ventilation. These heaters are mostly inserted directly into the duct or are flanged. They are applied in places such as ventilation systems, ovens or other sites where there’s a need for re-circulated air or forced circulation.

Duct type heaters can be further categorized as follows:
Open Coil
Finned Tubular


Industrial heaters manufacturers in India are building portable and robust heaters for the most challenging conditions around the world. They are designed to reliable, simple to use, and imply with low maintenance.
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