The Growing Demand For Organic Food In India

Posted April 27, 2022 by TheWowBox

India being a rain-fed agrarian economy is well-aware of the term 'organic food' and people have also been getting to know the importance of organic food lately.
There's no doubt that a majority of farmers use pesticides to meet the increasing demand for crop production but they need to realize that it degrades the food quality. The extensive use of pesticides contaminates the soil and adds cancer-causing elements to the food we eat. Fortunately, people are getting aware of the nutrition they need, and how harmful chemicals can ruin their fitness levels. In this report, we will discuss how the awareness of consuming organic food items like organic juices has been making impacting the demand among the people of India.


The industrial organic food market in India is growing at a promising rate of 25.25% CAGR during the period 2022-2027, as per a study conducted by one of the most dependable market research companies Pew Research Center. It also has been expected by experts that the market size of the Indian Organic Business will reach Rs. 75,000 Crore by 2025.

However, considering the uncertainties of COVID-19, we are tracking and evaluating both the direct and indirect effect(s) of the pandemic on this particular industry.

What Is Organic Food?

Organic foods are any food items that have been grown without any added chemical pesticides or fertilizers. As mentioned earlier, farmers use such chemical items to grow crops faster or bigger. If you eat organic cookies or anything else, there won’t be anything bad for your health in the food you eat. Organic foods assure consumers that toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms are not used in food production as well as in raising livestock for your consumption according to high standards of sustainable agriculture.

Some Myths Regarding Organic Food

Indian people have a belief that organic food is very costly, it is the biggest myth that needs to be bust as soon as possible. You'll find organic food items in any grocery store near you that is slightly more costly than ordinary items but offers invaluable health benefits. So, according to an experiment, if a family starts buying organic food items and continues the intake of an organic diet, they just need to spend Rs 1000-1500 more than used to spend on the non-organic diet.

The central and state government is also playing a vital role in promoting the consumption of organic food items. Did you know that Sikkim is a fully-organic state? Now, other states and cities of India are also focusing on this dream of eating healthy and increasing the consumption of organic food.

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