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Posted December 1, 2014 by tomjones

Whether you are not satisfied any longer with your hand control system or whether you have just decided you should have one installed in your car
Whether you are not satisfied any longer with your hand control system or whether you have just decided you should have one installed in your car, you should not haste taking a decision regarding the model you prefer. Your comfort and safety depend on it, so you should definitely take several extra days before making your choice instead of regretting it later.

There are quite many aspects you have to consider when you are going to a Better Life Mobility Center to purchase a hand control. Various types of equipment might be better suited for you depending on your abilities, your preferences, the sort of vehicle you own, as well as your budget. For instance, you should know that there are two main types of hand control: installed on the left side of the wheel or floor mounted, which can be placed on either side. From this point of view, you will have to think about your own abilities – which arm is stronger or more functional – as well as about your car and its features – is it large enough for the floor mounted version, would the equipment get in your way when you get in the vehicle if you place it on the left side and so on?

At the same time, you should know that there are various types of grips you can choose from when you decide to install a hand control in your car. The V-grip or the Tri-pin are only two examples. You need to figure out which type of grip is more functional and less fatiguing for you, considering not only the steering and the handling of the clutch, the break and the throttle, but also the fact that you have to control the headlights, the wipers, the horn, the turn signals and so on. All these aspects might seem less overwhelming and easier to figure out if you get the help of a driver rehabilitation specialist. When you go to a Better Life Mobility Center you will receive advice regarding such aspects too, not to mention that the staff there can help you get in touch with a specialist.

If it is the first time you get a hand control system you will have to visit the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists anyway, since you need to be evaluated and get the consent that allows you to get the driving license. The specialist that evaluates you will also make you recommendations regarding the features your vehicle should have. Also, they might tell you on which sort of skills you should focus more when you are being trained to use the hand control adaptive equipment. All in all, although you do need to be careful and attentive, it will not be very difficult because you will get all the help you need, especially if you go to a professional Better Life Mobility Center. With a little patience and will, you will regain a great part of your independence and generally improve the quality of your life.
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