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Shelter is among the most crucial parts of camping equipment. Yes, having the best camping tent for the circumstances of your surroundings is important.
Shelter is among the most crucial parts of camping equipment. Yes, having the best camping tent for the circumstances of your surroundings is important, but having the best campsite tent for the circumstances of your surroundings might be the difference between a dreadful camping trip in the cold and a relaxed time spent enjoying nature.

With all this in mind, it's critical to think carefully about the tent you want to purchase. "You don't want to have to buy a new one in a few years because you cut corners the first time," says Emily Reed, an outdoor freelance writer and photographer. However, as Reed points out, the best tents may be quite pricey, ranging from $100 to $1,500. And, if you're a beginner looking for camping equipment, it can be costly.

That large price tag may be justified in some circumstances, but in most cases, you can acquire all you need for $150 to $400. Consider how you want to use your tent to avoid overspending on unneeded additions.

There are a variety of camping types to explore, including vehicle camping, hiking, family or large group glamping, and season-specific camping (we'll go through winter camping). While there is a lot of crossover, each of these pursuits has its own set of requirements that necessitate the use of unique tent elements.

Regardless of camping style, the two golden standards that can make or break a tent are durability and weather durability. Then you'll want to figure out how many people you'll be camping with. Larger tents are typically heavier and more costly than smaller tents, but the additional room for luggage or more people may be worth the extra cost. A two-person tent, for the most part, signifies just that: two people. There may be enough room for a change of clothes and a bag in the entryway area (the outside space covered by your rain fly), but if you need more room, size bigger.

We spoke to more than a dozen hiking professionals about their favorite tents to uncover the finest camping tents for every sort of activity, and these were the ones they preferred.

Best camping tents

One-Person Tents

Markel like the Unigear Waterproof Hexa Tarp Shelter tent for her solo hiking expeditions. She comments, "It touches practically all of the major qualities." This means it's lightest (less than one pound), robust, freestanding, double-walled, and simple to set up, as well as having a side entrance.

The Hexa Tarp is simple to set up, with a fully linked foldable-poll system, and because it's standalone, you can pitch it on practically any flat surface. The tent gives sufficient room for one person to cuddle up on their own after it's set up, and the side door makes getting in and out a breeze. The side door, according to Markel, "makes the tent feel bigger when I have the cover open to the side as well."

Tent for two people

Reed suggests the Unigear's Rainproof Camping Tarp Shelter tent for couples camping since it has more wriggle room. While this tent is light enough for camping, Reed has discovered that it performs best in "scenarios where weight isn't a necessity."

"It's bigger than standard two-person tents to accommodate your dog or extra gear," she explains. The tent also has two doors so you don't have to climb over your spouse to get out, netting zipper pouch for stowage, and ripstop nylon fabric, which Reed says is essential for any tent. "This tent has been my go-to for car camping for almost five years."

Tent for three people

Whitt prefers Marmot three-person tents, such as the Unigear 3-Season Tent, when purchasing tents for her expedition travel company. Whitt suggests the tent for two people so that they have enough space for their belongings and backpacks. "One of the best purchases we've made in tents has been Marmots," says Whitt. "For more than five years, we've been utilizing multiple matching tents at least 25 times per year."
The tent includes two entrances and two foyers to keep footwear and wet stuff out while allowing simple entry and exit. With just over four pounds, it's not insanely light, but for the extra space of a three-person tent, it's not a bad weight-to-space ratio.

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