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Posted September 23, 2016 by v9lfomin

Arthur K, a film producer and editor has created a short film about drug use called Dear Serotonin.
Our brain and thoughts are dominated by the chemical reactions that happen in our brain. These reactions are so complicated that no one knows what do they do and how they influence our thinking. A few decades ago, scientists have discovered the substance in our brain that is related to feeling good and happiness. This chemical is called serotonin.
Serotonin is a simple molecule, but with so many effects. When we feel really happy, like when we spend our time with the person we love, or even when we exercise, cells in our brain will release this molecule and that, through complicated and not fully understood reactions will make us feel content. Serotonin is also eliminated when we use different recreational drugs, that is what it makes us addicted to the drugs. While using the drugs, the cells in the brain eliminate serotonin and makes us happy, and we love this state so we become addicted, but sooner or later the serotonin quantities will deplete, and there would be necessary a larger dose of the drug. All this is accompanied by a rollercoaster of emotions, that is very hard to show.
Arthur K, a film producer and editor has created a short film about drug use called Dear Serotonin. Dear serotonin film is a fully emotional film that shows very vividly the functions of the serotonin and then the lack of it by showing different persons in different states. The Serotonin short film asks a few questions related to the serotonin, especially about the lack of it, after depleting it using drugs, like why it is so hard to get excited when dancing, when socializing or working out, travelling or when just spending time with our closest friends. Dear serotonin uses a great soundtrack to show these emotions. The song is called Alone by Petite Biscuit. It is a perfect soundtrack for this short film, as increases the emotional response from the viewer when watching it. The short clip is less than two minutes, and you can watch the dear serotonin video on YouTube for free. The short film is of high quality, which is unexpected from an independent producer. To find the movie just search for Arthur K Dear Serotonin film in your favourite search engine and you will definitely get the successful results. Watch today to experience the emotional roller-coaster that a person that uses recreation drugs experiences.
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