Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA

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SVR Global is a prominent Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA
Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA

SVR Global is a prominent Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA that prides itself on its vast stock of ready-to-ship products which meets the high demand for short-term delivery. We offer a large collection of gate valves specifically based on industrial specifications and requirements.

Definition of a Gate Valve:

A gate valve is an in-line valve (which allows fluid to pass through) and it is often referred to as a knife valve, a slide valve or a sluice valve. It is frequently referred to as an on/off valve.

On/off valves either permit flow (on) or fully obstruct it (off). These valves are also referred to as isolation valves due to the fact that they may successfully stop the flow into a system segment. Usually, this is carried out for maintenance reasons.

A "gate" is a rectangular or circular wedge that is part of a gate valve, which is a linear motion valve. A metal gate can be raised or lowered to open or close it. The gate opens and allows flow when lifted; when dropped, it closes and blocks the channel.

The disc design of a gate valve can be inclined or parallel. An inclined disc design can be further classified into three types-
• Flexible Wedge
• Solid Wedge
• Split Wedge

Applications of a Gate Valve:
• Suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.
• Used in applications where little valve leakage is not threatening such as heating circuits or sewage pipes.
• Used in offshore applications.
• Used in on-off applications.
• Used in systems where valve usage is infrequent.
• Used with pipes with larger diameters (> 2") as they are less complex to build.
• Used to isolate specific areas of the water supply during maintenance, repair works and new installations and reroute water flow across the pipeline.

Advantages of a Gate Valve:
• Available in various sizes.
• Compact along the pipe axis.
• Few parts.
• Fire-resistant by nature.
• Inexpensive.
• Low frictional loss due to low-pressure drop.
• Maintenance and disassembly are easy.
• Provide excellent shutoff properties.
• Used as a bi-directional valve.
• Used with slurries and viscous liquids.

Disadvantages of a Gate Valve:
• Causes vibration and noise when just partially open.
• Disk and seat wear.
• Lapping and grinding repairs are difficult to carry out.
• Not suitable for high pressure.
• Takes time to open or close fully due to slow disc motion.
• The design makes precise control challenging.
• Throttling service is not supported.

Industries that use Gate Valves:
• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Marine
• Mining
• Oil & gas
• Power
• Water treatment

Types of Gate Valves:

Bellow Seal Gate Valve
Industrial pipelines are usually clogged with combustible, dangerous, severely poisonous, and toxic media. Hence, there is a high risk of leakage, explosion and health hazards. As a result, the valves used in these pipes and systems must adhere to strict leakage and sealing specifications.
A Bellow Sealed Valve, also known as a 'Zero-Leak Valve' or a 'Emission Free Valve,' is a specially engineered industrial valve manufactured in response to the need for a completely different way to provide the necessary sealing for use in sectors dealing with toxic media, where even minor leaks can be disastrous.

A metallic bellow cartridge is joined to the valve bonnet at one end and the stem at the other end of a bellow sealed valve, supplementing conventional gland packing. A bellow is a long metal tube that looks like an accordion. The bellow cartridge contains a number of convolutions, which compress or expand depending on the movement of the valve stem. Scientifically, when the valve is open, the bellow is compressed, and when the valve is closed, the bellow is expanded. There are no sliding or rotating seals that allow process fluid to pass through. The fluid will enter the valve through the seat and come into contact with the bellow, but not with the stem.

Forged Steel Gate Valve
A forged steel gate valve is a type of gate valve that is commonly used and is made of forging material. When the valve stem is turned on, the gate on the threaded portion of the stem moves vertically. It is commonly used when a straight-line fluid flow with minimal restriction is desired.
When the valve is fully open, the gate is completely pushed up into the valve, leaving an opening for flow. As a result, the valve's flow restriction is minimal. Because flow control would be difficult due to the valve design, and the flow of fluid slapping against a partially open gate could cause serious damage to the valve, this valve is not suitable for throttling functions.

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve
A gate valve with a non-rising stem is referred to as a non-rising stem gate valve. It is also known as a Rotating Stem Gate Valve or a Blind Stem Wedge Gate Valve.
When the gate is closed, the stem of this type of valve moves into the disc. Instead of the Rising Stem Gate Valve, the threads of a Non Rising Stem Gate Valve are at the bottom of the stem. Because the stem is not visible, it is impossible to tell whether the gate is open or closed by looking at the valve.

Rising Stem Gate Valve
A Rising Stem Gate Valve is a type of gate valve that can follow the opening/closing position by moving the stem up and down, can be monitored electronically by adding a monitoring key, and does not obstruct the flow when fully open.
Threads on rising stem gate valves are located on the outside of the valve body. The amount of exposed stem makes it simple to determine whether the valve is open or closed. The valve is closed when the handle is flush with the pipe (no exposed stem). The valve is open if a large number of stems are exposed.

Description of a Gate Valve:
SVR Global is a trustworthy Gate Valve Manufacturer in USA offering a wide range of valves.
Class: 150 to 2500; PN10 to PN450

Ends: Buttweld, Flanged (FF, RF, RTJ), Socketweld, Threaded

Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbon steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Gunmetal, Monel, Incoloy, Inconel, Super Duplex steel, Stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, SS304, SS904, SS904L, SS316), Titanium and other materials like WCB, WC1, WC6, WC9.

Medium: Acetic acid, Natural gas, Nitric acid, Oil, Oxidant, Steam, Urea, Water

Operations: Hand Wheel, Gear operated, Electric actuated and Pneumatic Actuated

Sizes: 1/2" to 24"

Standards: ANSI, API607, API6D, ASME, AWWA, BS, DIN
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