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What are the advantages of this mode of consumption?Choosing to consume CBD in the form of an e-liquid has several advantages:Ease of use.
It is very easy to take your electronic cigarette everywhere to vape.For those who wish to remain discreet, the CBD e-liquid looks like any other type of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. The precision of the dosage,the simplicity of the indications in terms of dosage and concentration allow users to know precisely how much cannabidiol they are consuming.

The rate of bioavailability
The term refers to the proportion of a molecule that is absorbed by the body compared to the total amount of the same molecule consumed. The rate of bioavailability of the vape (and of inhalation in general) is 20%, against 8% for ingestion. Consuming cannabidiol in the form of e-liquid therefore offers a better level of absorption, and a faster transmission of signals to the brain. In this sense, the CBD e-liquid is more advantageous than the other forms in which this substance is usually found. For the Vaping Products in United Kingdom this is important.

What are the benefits of CBD e-liquid?

Cannabidiol has many positive virtues. It is an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic and an anxiolytic. In fact, inhaling CBD e-liquid helps fight stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammation, chronic pain, and certain nervous diseases such as epilepsy.

If these effects are still subject to debate, it is clear that cannabidiol contributes to soothing and relaxation, without the psychoactive effects that are those of THC. Its consumption does not lead to the release of dopamine either, unlike with nicotine, which means that cannabidiol is not addictive.

However, CBD, in any form, is not a drug. Its consumption can in no way be a substitute for drug treatment. In France, this qualifier is illegal: the CBD e-liquid, nor any other product containing this molecule, can not be sold under the name of "drug".

Is cannabidiol-based e-liquid legal?
A delicate question if there is one, that of the legality of CBD and products made from cannabidiol is not completely decided. What you need to understand is that CBD is licensed for sale under conditions, while THC, on the other hand, cannot be sold or consumed. To date, French legislation is based on two rules:

• The ban on end products made from hemp plants with a content greater than 0.2% THC. So that a CBD e-liquid, to be perfectly legal, must be made from pure CBD crystals.
• The ban on the use of cannabis flowers. Only the seeds and fibers from the hemp plant can be used to extract cannabidiol.

This strict framework involves verifying the origin of the cannabidiol-based products you consume, and trusting serious retailers, able to guarantee the quality of their products, such as CBD Corner.

CBD Corner, the French benchmark for CBD products
While cannabidiol is safe for your health, that doesn't mean you should buy CBD products from any dealer, regardless of the quality and provenance of the hemp plants. used to make them. In addition, the rigorous rules governing resale and consumption make it preferable to contact conscientious professionals and experts in the field for those who want to buy CBD e-liquid or any other product based on CBD.

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