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Posted March 4, 2020 by vapingsolution

CBD in general has the advantage of being able to vape with "classic" material that is currently found commonly throughout the vaping sector.
A priori you do not need high performance equipment that can go high in watts, on the contrary. Because at too high a temperature you will degrade the CBD molecule which will not be suddenly optimized. Now depending on the composition of your e-liquid you may have some inconveniences, our basis for avoiding them.

To find out about these inconveniences, you must first look at the ideal heating temperature for a CBD e-liquid. According to studies, it is estimated for an optimal vaping of a CBD e-liquid a vaporization of the CBD at around 180 ° (which can go up to 220 °). What can translate in terms of watt with a lambda device, use around 10 to 40watts, with low resistances ranging from 1 to 1.8 Ohm.

In accordance with these power constraints, moderate power equipment will respond to it in an optimum manner. Especially since we will favor an indirect vape (in English MLT = Mouth To Long) which allows a deeper inhalation, with a strong reduction of the losses linked to each inhalation as well as an optimization of these.

The Vape Options

Finally for an optimal vape we can say that we will be more on a hybrid vape between the direct and indirect vape. That is to say that the inhalation will be done in a "semi-direct" manner with a fairly tight pull. So if you are on a Nautilus type clearomiser (indirect type) for example, with a resistance of 1.2 Ohm, a power between 15 and 20 Watts with the airflow well open, you will be able to make a direct draw but which will remain tight and not airy for a better concentration of the molecule with each puff. With the Vaping Products in United Kingdom this happens to be essential.

This is an essential advantage for vaping CBD which is moving towards a useful vaping and not towards a "wasteful / playful vaping"

That said, the use of a more advanced MOD type device will perfectly vaporize the CBD, only the molecule may be degraded due to the excessive heating and the associated effects reduced. The taste around the e-liquid will always be well restored. By cons a significant amount of product will be consumed as the battery this being due to use at higher intensity.

The match between our bio propanediol / CBD composition versus a PG / VG / CBD composition

Now that we know the best temperature for using a CBD e-liquid, let's see why our base is ideal for vaping a CBD e-liquid.

Let's start with a traditional PG / VG composition. On the latter it should be known that the heating temperature of propylene glycol is around 180 ° and that of vegetable glycerin 288 °. Based on this observation, a composition comprising a PG / VG ratio of the order of 80/20 or 70/30 will require a higher heating temperature than is necessary for the optimal vaporization of the CBD which we recall is 180 °.

This is explained by the vaporization temperature of vegetable glycerin which is 288 ° and which when used alone or in a mixture with propylene glycol will require a higher heating temperature.

Now let's analyze our bio propanediol / CBD base. Because the composition contains only bio propanediol and is free of vegetable glycerin / traditional PG, the vaporization temperature of bio propanediol which is 190 ° and that of CBD which is 180 ° are therefore almost equivalent around 190 .

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