The release of a new Final Fantasy was a tremendous event

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Check out that preview below. Longtime Destructoid fans might find it familiar for a couple reasons. For one, Final Fantasy VII’s main theme is one of the most recognizable pieces from the old role-playing game. It played in the overworld, where I personally spent a lot of time running around looking for fights. For two, the melody is delivered through the unmistakable mellifluous voice of our old pal Dale North. It was sad to see him go, but if it means he’s producing more music like this, it’s not all bad.

He’s not the only one on Materia: Final Fantasy VII Remixed. In fact, the track list is pretty staggering. The official soundtrack came on four discs; this has enough music to span five. Joining Dale North are others like John Robert Matz (Gunpoint), Jeff Ball (Tiny Barbarian) and more. It’s sounding pretty good from the snippets we have, and it’s selling for $15, which isn’t too bad either.

The first six Final Fantasy games were released across the NES and SNES, back when JRPGs dominated the sales charts. The release of a new Final Fantasy was a tremendous event, and was considered a reason to buy Nintendo’s consoles over the competition. The NES and SNES raked in millions and millions, making both Nintendo and Square pretty happy. As Nintendo planned its next platform, the Nintendo 64, Square was plotting to have Final Fantasy VII show up there.

While the exact conversations between Nintendo and Square are unknown, the result was Square cancelling whatever was in development for the N64 and reshaping Final Fantasy VII to take advantage of the PlayStation’s CD-ROMs.If this all went down in 2015, there’d be a fancy press conference where Sony took a bunch of public digs at Nintendo, but things were different back then.Still, this was the beginning of a close relationship between Square and Sony, which spilled over to the marketing for Final Fantasy VII. The ads regularly touted the gorgeous cutscenes and pre-rendered backgrounds that populated the game.

For nearly 10 years—1997 through 2006—what had once been synonymous with Nintendo was now synonymous with Sony. I spent my teenage years as much more of a PlayStation person because I was obsessed with Square’s RPGs.In the last 10 years, the idea of exclusivity has started to disappear. It makes more sense for third-party companies like Square to make games for every possible platform, in order to maximize profits. This was never clearer than when both of PlayStation’s biggest exclusives—Metal Gear, Final Fantasy—decided to embrace the idea of being available on both PlayStation on Xbox.The news of Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360 happened during an especially awkward conversation between Microsoft and Square executives at E3 2008.

Final Fantasy coming to Xbox 360 was not quite a betrayal on the level of leaving Nintendo. Rather, it simply goes to show how the JRPG series has regularly been at the center of change. It was only supposed to be one game, but Final Fantasy lives on, doing its best to adapt to the times, regardless of the roman numeral. is safest shop to buy wow gold, fifa coins, runescape gold, swtor credits & other mmo gold.

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