Plastic granulator and electromagnetic heating technology

Posted February 18, 2022 by vlvdao

When a ferrous container is used and placed on it, the eddy current will cause the carriers at the bottom of the container to be high-speed and free of charge.
The process of electromagnetization is through the mutual conversion of electromagnetic heating devices, converting Hertz alternating current into direct current voltage, and then allowing it to convert the direct current voltage into high frequency voltage output through the control circuit, and the fast moving elegant current produces high speed changes in the cable.

The magnetic field generates heat. After the cable and the iron container come into contact, the surface of the container will cut the alternating magnetic field lines and generate alternating current (ie eddy current) in the metal part at the bottom of the container. The eddy current makes the iron atoms at the bottom of the plastic granulator irregular at high speed Atoms collide and rub against each other to generate heat. When a high-frequency and high-voltage current that changes at a high speed flows through the coil, a high-speed changing alternating magnetic field will be generated. When a ferrous container is used and placed on it, the eddy current will cause the carriers at the bottom of the container to be high-speed and free of charge. Regular movement, in the process of carrier collision and friction, will generate heat energy, which is electromagnetic heating technology.

After the waste plastic granulator has completed the following inspections, start the empty running test work: the control box circuit is closed for power supply, the lubricating oil pump is started, the gearbox is lubricated for 3mm, and lubricating oil is added to each lubricating part. Check the hopper, there should be no foreign matter in it, and then move the V-belt again, and it should rotate smoothly without any blockage. Start the screw drive motor at low speed. Observe whether the pointer of the voltmeter and ammeter swings normally. Verify that the screw rotation is correct. Check and test the emergency stop button on the equipment, which should work accurately and reliably. Check whether the lubricating oil working pipeline is unobstructed, whether the oil injection position is correct, and whether there is oil leakage in each part. Check the water supply of the cooling water pipeline, there should be no leakage. The above normal can be formally put into production.

Maintenance and repair work should be done in formal production. Maintenance and repair are two different maintenance methods for the plastic pellet machine, but there is only one purpose, that is, we hope that the plastic pellet machine can maintain the best operation state and ensure that the equipment can have the highest performance. The output and the best products, as far as possible to extend the working life of machinery and equipment. Equipment maintenance is a regular job, which includes: requiring operators to use the equipment strictly and carefully in accordance with the operating procedures of the pellet mill; operating production, frequently cleaning and scrubbing the dust and oil of the equipment and filling lubricating oil; patrolling and observing the machine If you find any problems, please ask the relevant personnel to eliminate them in time. This can delay the wear of machine parts and prolong the service life of the machine.
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