Precautions for plastic granulator production debugging and repairing the storage type parison head

Posted December 1, 2021 by vlvdao

Precautions for plastic granulator production debugging and repairing the storage type parison head
1) Since most of the materials processed by the storage-type billet head are HMWHDPE, a higher temperature is required when processing these plastics. 1 (180 -230°C) a little carelessness will cause burns.
The operator should wear the necessary protective clothing and wear gloves to operate.

2) When the plastic parison is extruded, the operator and other personnel need to stay away from directly under the storage head and keep a certain safety distance, especially during the first few extrusions after the cold machine is heated, special attention should be paid to safety ,
Because it is possible that the temperature of the die is too high, it will cause the internal pressure to increase. Once the die is opened and the material is injected, the plastic melt inside the die may be ejected under high temperature and high pressure, and the high-temperature plastic will melt. The body is extremely easy to cause harm or damage to the human body.

3) When disassembling the die and mandrel, it is necessary to use a special liftable disassembly and assembly rack. Because the die and mandrel of the storage-type billet head are heavy, the temperature during disassembly and assembly is high, and the disassembly and assembly rack You can earn money to ensure the safety of operators. Copper cutters must be used to clean the material melt inside the machine head, so as not to cause scratches or scratches on the internal flow channel, die and core mold of the machine head. For the high-strength bolts used for connection, when installing the core mold and die, high-temperature grease must be applied to the connecting parts of the bolts, which is conducive to the next disassembly and installation. The temperature selection range of high temperature resistant grease is 1.5-2 times the normal use temperature.
4) When disassembling and overhauling the hydraulic connecting pipes and parts of the storage type billet head, it is necessary to carefully check whether the hydraulic pressure and the feeding service system have been determined to be in a completely pressure-free state, and the main hydraulic system and hydraulic servo system are shut down. Later, especially the hydraulic system with a reservoir, it is necessary to open the unloading to completely drain the pressure of the main hydraulic system and hydraulic servo system to prevent the residual pressure in the system from causing harm to personnel and equipment.
5) When there is plastic in the storage head, it must be heated to above the process temperature of the plastic before disassembly operation, otherwise it will cause greater damage to the storage head. When using open flame heating, the peripheral components such as the hydraulic cylinder, the feeding service cylinder, and the electric control device must be disassembled first, and the fire prevention measures at the disassembly site must be taken.
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