How to Pollinate Selected Branches for Home Growers of Marijuana?

Posted November 10, 2022 by weedseeds

Are you planning on pollinating only a few particular branches of a particular plant after harvesting the pot seeds for sale online? This post takes you through the detailed process for the same.
Some home gardeners may not have had many plants to begin with and don't want to use an entire female for production of Pot Seeds For Sale Online. In such a scenario, pollinating specific branches is a little nicer.

You will only be pollinating a few particular branches of a particular plant if you choose this option. Compared to pollinating an entire plant, this will yield significantly fewer seeds, but it is relatively simple and will produce enough of a yield to replenish your following crop.

What you'll need is as follows:

●Flowers cut from a mature male flower that are 4 to 6 inches long.

●A female plant with lower branches that have been pruned and large flowers.

●Long paper bags for wine.

●Zip ties or string.

You must get each plant ready for pollination once you've decided on a male and female plant to breed. This entails cutting back the fan leaves encircling the branch(s) you want to fertilize on the female plant.

Make some clippings of some attractive flowers for the male plant and put them in the wine bags. Use a minimum of one substantial clipping per bag. Paper sandwich bags are also acceptable, but make sure they can accommodate your female branch's entire length as well as the male clippings. The best bags are those that are long.

Then, wrap the prepared female branch with the bag containing the clippings and firmly fasten the bag's end to the branch with string, easily peeled masking tape, or a zip-tie. Shake the bag vigorously. Allow it to sit for a few hours while shaking it once or twice more.

Throughout the entire process, use caution. Avoid pollinating branches that are close by that you're trying to keep for a harvestable crop. Avoiding the wind and turning off fans while pollinating certain branches is advised.

Removing the bag should be done gently after a few hours. once more, refrain from pollinating other branches. After roughly 48 hours, you can mist off the pollinated bud if you're concerned about getting pollen on your crop flowers.

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