They have been used in battle along

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They have been used in battle along with the god's armies. Proceed. Well, some armour to match a cat was discovered round the digsite. You ought to go and look. Examiner The Digsite Hello. What can I do for you now? I am here to inquire about the armour found recently. Yes, yes. It's an amazing discovery. This armour can fit a cat, but thus far nobody has volounteered theirs.

Excellent! (Examiner gives you"Cat Armour") (You use the armour on your kitty. Your cat seems to like his new protection.) Great. How do they enjoy it? I think they like it. (Your kitty's armour turns out a purple glow.) Oh no! What's happening? A portal is forming! We have to get out of this! (A cutscene starts. You along with the examiner run off. Your cat disappears into the portal. It then ends.)

There seems to be something left . It's a note. Read it! It is a chant. It states: Inchanta-Makuse-Anciento-Remendum! Hmm. What's it for? Possibly to start the portal. Here, you may have the ability to cast it. Hmm, it does not work. Argh! You re-appear in a dungeon. You see your cat in the armour standing near you.) Hey! Are you okay? Yes. (No more catspeak ammy): Hey! Good. It attacks you.)

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