Yes, it's possible to feel a completely illusory sense

Posted September 3, 2021 by Weiweismart

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Too diluted even for a noob. The way they backed them was that they were trying to appeal to a more less experienced playerbase. For me, a casual gamer, I have to say that they didn't succeed, it dumbed down one of the most efficient gameplay mechanics.

It's not a win/win situation for developers, i believe. Some players (like you) are addicted to the illusion of control, agency, and the uniqueness you gained from putting points into exactly the same things in the same way that everyone else. They feel sad, confused and confined if you narrow it down to just viable and balanced options with no correct answer.

Talents was a terrible mechanic. Smart people searched for the most powerful levelling spec and then, mindlessly, followed it. Casuals and noobs were screwed. Smart people searched for the best raiding spec, and then simply followed it. Raids that were stuffed with abso-fuckingly similar warriors and warlocks as well as mages, and rogues, all following identical BiS sets and with identical sequences, resulted in raids that were full of identical specifications. There is a complete homogeneity of the knowledgeable and a myriad of ways to screw up and get accused of being a noob by all the rest of us and then pay a gold tax in order to solve the problem.

Yes, it's possible to feel a completely illusory sense of power and competence when you put your fourth talent in "Do +1 percent more" or your thirty-first talent in "This ought to have been a included level forty capability". It's fake. You aren't really developing a skill or mastering anything more complicated than a five year old's sticker book. (But it's also true that I'm convinced that a good portion of Classic's most passionate supporters are the kind of people who bolster their self-esteem by believing that winning a fifteen-year old solved game by playing games that are based on children's stickers makes the player a true gaming god.)

This is ridiculous you're a fool. Much of game design, especially RPG progress, is false. The basic idea behind RPGs is that you begin as weak in numbers and develop your skills with time. This gives you an illusion of progress. The minute details of how you get strong is how an RPG distinguishes itself from others. Wow was the very first game to make use of talent trees. It felt good that you could pick the method you prefer to get stronger. Is there a better way to measure your progress? Yes. Does it really matter to the casual player that they do not have the best build? It doesn't. It's only an issue if want to do endgame content. And while everyone was built identically back in the day the way we do things today is marginally better. RPGs will always have an absolute best cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold design for any particular scenario.

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