What Do These Great Women Have In Common this Is What's It A

Posted February 22, 2021 by whod1982

Anyway the second part to his of course is not just the celebration of the ethnicity the other Taboo subject and that is Racial labelling.
Well, I have had to write this to clear up some

inaccuracies as some people have asked me what is this all about to the numb nuts I mean the dumb race we are sharing the planet with....

I'll tell you what this is bloody about, num nuts.
Oh Lordly, here I go again sorry about that girls..

I must watch my manners, Okay here we go what these beautiful women and past living legends have in common is that they are all mixed race as the Old Skool modern day terminology is Half caste, which I have had a few people deny to me and say that they are white well....

I am sorry for the num nuts, who did not under-stand it, they have two different Parents...
The main reason, I am trying to highlight is the Fact especially for the classic and famous mixed race women such as Vivien Leigh who was

technically the first black women to win a Major Oscar and major winning nomination as I have already described in my previous article...

Now all the stupid f—-ks that are complaining about Marylyn Monroe, now listen to me you
stupid num nuts. I have not taken 6-7 months researching this article, my article I must say and wrote every word of it and produced the template for you to descrepanise this, right.!

Now for you to say no 'she isn't and of course the ones that say is not, she is one of us,( God I hate that ) guys And girls wake up and smell the coffee, We all have of different DNA within you and trust me if you are French, African, African American , Trinidadian, Jamaican, Mexican trust me your dna will be found and boys and girls there is nothing you can do about it...

According to the Ancestry DNA organisations of today, Oh sorry for the num nuts, DNA our
(Deoxyribo -Nucleic -Acid), Oh dam there I go again educating the num nuts again, but anyway this is also a celebration and dare I say it celebrating the greatness of these mixed race and Bi-Racial Wom-en of what they have achieved to date .....

Now, what I am saying although most of these women have passed away even in the their present DNA..(Deoxyribo - Nucleic -Acid)

They will still have their ancestry DNA and will most likely have a gene for instance, Cambodian, African American, Caribbean, Scandinavian, French etc, etc, namely another percentage of their dna and trust me this is not exclusive to women, Now, going deep into this Deoxyribo -Nucleic - Acid thing, I hope I don't lose you in this.

As I have just stated the DNA is known to stay in your family Ancestry for a jaw dropping One Million Years, Yes I know, stand back in amazement and don't faint and could you pick your husband up off the floor please...

Now this can go back this far due to the fact that your Genetic make up is almost perfect and you have not abused it through out your life or your ancestors before possibly making a family..i.e. Smoking, eating the wrong foods, drugs and of course any hereditary disease or deformity of your DNA in the past contributes to the next make up of your next

Wow I did it again now, I have written this article, what do these great women have in common and I should of said "what do these Great Beautiful Women have in Common" to celebrate the achievements of these women by themselves and now to some extent to their Beautiful Mixed Heritage, Mixed-Race Parentage, Half-Caste or even Bi-Racial Parentage as they are sometimes named today, yes here we go of their Deoxyribo -Nucleic -Acid or should I say their Beautiful Deoxyribo - Nucleic -Acid...

Wow, now there's a chat up line "Excuse me Vanessa

Williams you have a Beautiful Deoxyribo -Nucleic -Acid did you now that" Nah I don't think she would fall for that maybe Lisa Bonet.. Anyway the second part to his of course is not just the celebration of the ethnicity the other Taboo subject and that is Racial labelling. Now the taboo sub-ject that, I was talking about in my previous article from my end is the act of labelling our ethnicity incorrectly this is to leave behind today's other offensive terms such as...

Half-Breed, Coloured , Mullato, Negro , Paki even, Half-Caste and of course the infamous N———-r word to throw around a few offensive racial labels for today's standards...

Now mostly on these offensive words have been made or created well more than 400 years ago for instance Mullato (1595 ), Half-Caste (1870), Colored (15th Century) and the Indubitably N - Word (1574) well fancy that The N Word, Being almost one of the most offensive words to an ethnic person in history shit me farthole, I wonder if I should phone the World Guinness Book of Records anyway
moving on phew, is everyone still with me...

Okay, further more let’s get in to Miss Jamie lee Curtis a.k.a. Miss Jamelia Schwarz; I had featured her in my last article as mixed heritage but she also can be as loosely say labelled as mixed race not half-caste, even Bi-racial for she is German Jewish-American but remember your DNA stays in your body for at least One million years, So Miss Jamelia Curtis you are never gonna get that DNA out of you, no matter how many baths you have, it will not wash out, was that politically incorrect Nah. Wow for a black man I think I am getting away with murder of course no one can complain about her Beautiful Deoxyribo -Nucleic - Acid. Okay that's all folks, I hope all the Num nuts and the

Bimbo's have all understand this and I am sure, for the record here is a few more major Celebrity Women who are Mixed—Race and are Bi-racial Celebrity's these are Me-gan Wales, Duchess of Sussex. (Yes Prince Harry's Wife) Angelina Jolie Actress (Jon Vought's daughter). Rashida Jones (Daughter of Quincy Jones). Jessica Ennis British Ath-lete, Adrianna Lima, Model Actress, Rosemary Adaser,
Irish Politician, and Kamala Harris, District attorney and Possibly Vice President of the USA to name a few... Well there you go, What do these Great Beautiful Women have in Common, they are all mixed race, or Bi-Racial, Stupid idiot, I wonder how Vanessa Williams Deoxyribo - Nucleic -Acid is feeling right now.

This Is What They have In Common

Written and Created and Published and all copyrights
Sir David Howell
C.b.e, M.b.e, O.b.e.
-- END ---
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