Cannabis Shatter: What is it, and how is it made?

Posted May 24, 2021 by wholesalebudca

Are you confused after coming across the never-ending array of cannabis products? Well, we are here to help. In this press release, we will help you comprehend the notorious cannabis shatter. Sit back and enjoy!
You must have heard about cannabis shatter already if you are using cannabis for a few months now. Well, this highly concentrated cannabis extract has a lot to offer. So, here is a dedicated article that will tell you everything about this concentrate so you can purchase it from an online shatter dispensary fully informed.

What is shatter?

Shatter belongs to the family of products typically known as extracts or concentrates. The cannabis extraction method is utilized for separating cannabinoids and other important compounds from the plant material they are derived from. The ultimate notion here is of creating the clean, highly potent and concentrated final product. THC and CBD are two notable isolated constituents of plant matter. But, the extraction process can be used to liberate fats, omega acids, phyto proteins and terpenes too.

What is BHO?

You can come across different types of cannabis concentrates such as oils, budders, hard hash, Charas and name a few at a cheap online dispensary. All of these concentrates are a result of several different types of extraction methods. Two main types such as solvent and solventless approaches are used for extractions. And the techniques can include propane, carbon dioxide, cold pressing, steam and alcohol.

Shatter is made through a solvent-based method known as Butane Hash Oil or BHO.

Butane works as the solvent and dissolves the soluble compounds and other essential oils. This way, only the plant membrane that contains resin stays behind as waste. The BHO technique strips down the oil from the trichomes and leaves the cellular membrane along with other organic reservoirs. The result is what people consider as purest concentrates from.

How is shatter made?

The mature flowers are trimmed and packed into a tube, and then butane is forced in. As a result, butane strips the cannabinoids and other things from the plant matter. Then the butane is removed and left for evaporation. This process is very important because the residue of butane isn’t healthy to ingest.

Then based on the evaporation method, type of solvent, temperature, terpene profile and post-processing, BHO will generate different hues of concentrates with different physical consistency.

How can I use shatter?

Shatter at the online supplement dispensary contains a consistently high concentrate of cannabinoids, ranging up to 90%. So, you can use it either by dabbing or vaping. Shatter can also enhance a joint or a bong of weed tenfold. Besides, it can also be gently heated and infused into the edibles.

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