Which Businesses Can I Start With $200k In The US?

Posted August 9, 2021 by windowmedics

If you have $200K saved up, why should you think of investing every last cent. Instead, you can invest a small amount in a Window Medics window franchise for sale and that will ensure that you can not only start a viable business
A capital of $200K is quite a lot and it is essential that you find a business that enables you to quickly break-even and enjoy profits. That way, you will not burn through the capital without seeing the right results. While there are several business opportunities out there, the important thing is to find an opportunity that you love and can devote the time and effort it requires. Also, the opportunity should be such that offers fantastic ROI and does not drain the capital or seed money in a blink of an eye.

Finding the Right Opportunity
The internet is the best place to begin your search for businesses that you can start with $200K. Window Medics is one such business that you can explore further. It offers franchises to motivated and aspiring entrepreneurs across the US and the cost of the franchise license is not $200K but merely $35K. That is unlike franchise licenses offered by other companies and brands which can run into tens and thoUSnds of dollars without offering a sound business model.

Now you may wonder why you should collaborate with Window Medics. Well, the answer is actually very simple. Window Medics is a leading thermal window restoration and repair company and it has been around since 2004. Within a year of its inception, the company managed to restore more than 100,000 windows in the US. It has over 100 service locations and 200 technicians spread across the US.

Window Medics has the distinction of being the fastest-growing brand in the thermal window restoration and repair industry. It has virtually no competition and that adds to its attraction.

So, if you have $200K saved up, why should you think of investing every last cent. Instead, you can invest a small amount in a Window Medics window franchise for sale and that will ensure that you can not only start a viable business that is designed to become profitable from day one but you also have sufficient money left to take care of your personal needs.

Why Choose Window Medics?
If you see any structure, you will notice that windows are an integral part. These windows not only help to make the interiors cheerful as natural light can filter in but they also insulate, allow you to get a view of the outdoors, and form a barrier between you and the outside world. Windows help to ensure ventilation and keep intruders out.

Thermal windows come with a lifespan. Usually, when these windows lose their thermal insulating properties or get foggy, you have to replace the windows. This can be an expensive undertaking and many property owners hesitate to go ahead as a result. Now, they do not have to worry as Window Medics has created a patented technique that not only restores and repairs thermal windows but also extends their life by up to 20 years, though the average is 12 years. That means property owners do not have to worry about spending money on window replacement for several years.

Restoring and repairing thermal windows is cost-efficient. It cost a fraction of what a property owner would pay to replace the affected windows. Also, when Window Medics restores and repairs thermal windows, they regain their insulating properties and that helps to reduce monthly heating and cooling costs. Hence, considering the benefits that come with window restoration, customers prefer it to replacing them. So, you will never have a dearth of customers and will be able to start this business from home with relative ease.

What Does Window Medics Franchise Offer?
Window Medics has deliberately kept its franchise license fee low. The aim is to provide motivated individuals with an opportunity that requires a small investment. It is a way of giving something back to the community and changing the way people perceive the window repair business.

The window franchise for sale comes with numerous benefits. First, perhaps, is that you never have to worry about royalty. Window Medics does not charge partners any royalty. So, what you earn is yours and you never have to share it. Other benefits include:

Training: You receive two days of training at a state-of-the-art training facility in Minnesota. This training is comprehensive and teaches you everything about thermal windows, their working, and why they fail. You also learn how to repair and restore them using specialized equipment. The training is designed for people who have never run their own business. So, you also learn about business planning, managing your finances, operations, marketing and sales, and more from experts.

Marketing Support: Window Medics wants its franchise partners to succeed. That is why it provides 360-degree support. Besides marketing material that includes color brochures, postcard mailers, flyers, and lawn signs, Window Medics also has TV commercials, radio ads, and tradeshow booths. This ensures your business gets the kind of visibility it deserves without you worrying about it. Instead, you can focus on growing and expanding your thermal window restoration and repair business.

Equipment: The technique and technology that Window Medics uses to restore and repair foggy and failed windows demand specialized equipment. Window Medics ensures that you receive this equipment and get comfortable and familiar with it during your hands-on training session. You do not have to pay anything extra for it.

Knowledge Base: Window Medics ensures its partners have access to an online knowledge platform that enables them to enhance their knowledge and share their learning. So, there is a constant endeavor to help franchise partners grow and network with one another.

The Bottom Line
While there are numerous businesses that you can start with $200K, there is no need to spend what you have worked hard for. Instead, for a fraction of the amount, you can get a window franchise for sale through Window Medics. You will not only get constant support but the business model is such that you will also generate profits from the very first month. It is a business that that is designed for long-term success.

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