Why WordPress is best for the SEO?

Posted October 12, 2019 by wisertechsolutions

Search engines are one of the most popular and best sources of online traffic. A topmost ranking web page can attract thousand visitors to any presence of web and because of that may website owners are now much concerned about the SEO.
In this world of constantly growing technology, if you are not using websites to promote your business then you may be losing something very huge. Websites are the kind of thing that not only promotes your business online but also help you to generate more and more leads. When It comes to generate leads or attract more customers to your business than Search engines remain on the top of the list and indeed one of the best foundations of online traffic.

A page that has high rank can bring thousands of customers to your business if you are promoting it in a right way and this is why every business must be concerned about SEO, however, this is all SEO world using WordPress is just another tactic that takes you so far in this game. In fact, according to a study, WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. This is the article we are going to discuss how WordPress is the best for SEO.

SEO is the thing that only helps to attract more organic traffic and also generate leads. If you have a website that is SEO friendly and you are working on it perfectly then you will definitely win the race. This generation has one thing to be updated and that thing is internet and the search engines, if people need something, any kind of information or even if they want suggestions for anything, they just go and check it on the search engines. Let’s take an example, when we need to know what are the best places to visit in summers or winters, we just go and put it on the search engines, the best websites that have information regards to the query will come up on the top of the Search engine and you just start scrolling that particular website, here the game of that website is on if you have stayed at that website more than seconds. Have you ever thought why is this so? How come this particular website is doing so well on the search engine?

This is all because that SEO friendly website and WordPress serves you with that. If you don’t want to invest much then go the WordPress website and you will definitely see the results within months. Here are a few points we are going to discuss with you in this article why is this so? Why WordPress is best for the SEO? Tune in…

1. The websites are SEO friendly.
WordPress gives many advantages in SEO, especially in on-page SEO, the platforms always help you to take care of a few essential elements.

SEO-friendly permalinks: WordPress has a special element called “permalinks” which means pages and posts on the website has keywords to make understand user and search engines what is the content about. You can now control the link’s content in WordPress.

Optimized images: The WordPress editors allow you to optimize your images with description, Alt tags and more. You can also add visual content with the same settings.
Proper HTML mark-up: WordPress creates HTML pages that user and search engines can easily understand and written in PHP. The current theme generation has already started to derive the advantages of HTLM 5.

Easy Content Creation: Content is the backbone of the entire SEO world and WordPress is the platform that provides high-quality content with very easy settings and now visual content is not anymore, a challenge for WordPress.

Headings and Title Tags: The title of the page which is enfolded in H1 tags, is one of the essential parts of the on-page SEO. Along with the other tags, it lets Google know about the content’s information and what is the main structure of the content. It allows you to establish everything without writing down the necessary HTML tags.
These features are the pretty good and also these are the standard features that don’t take account of all the things you add.

2. You can now make websites that are not only SEO optimized but also mobile web Optimized.

We have all ideas and some of even know everything about this theme game of WordPress in the core. Now, all the themes that are accepted by WordPress should be mobile optimized. In this of gadgets, where people use their mobile phones over desktops is well known. People can’t keep their desktops with them all time but emergency or any other need that is only solved by internet can come any time, without any invitation and that moment your mobile phone becomes your saviour. In this same situation, when people need to search for something, they rarely open your desktops, rather they search about it on their phone and there your mobile web optimized website’s game is on. if your website is not mobile web optimized and the customer is searching something which you have as a product or information than you may lose but WordPress provides a mobile web optimized website and this is another big point. The website which is not only SEO optimized but also serves best on the mobile web.

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