Direct-Response Copywriters Do NOT Go To Hogwarts

Posted July 13, 2020 by worldclasscopywriting2

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However much I love Harry Potter, I have to tell you this:

I did not go to Hogwarts.

And, as far as I'm aware, neither has any other direct-response copywriter on the planet. (Although as a "muggle", I guess I wouldn't know, would I?)

Anyway, you're probably thinking, "Tom, why on earth are you saying this? What's this got to do with copywriting? I don't see the link... "

Well, my fellow muggle friend, let me be your Professor today and explain:

See, so many entrepreneurs and internet marketers think that us copywriters can polish a turd. In other words, they think we're capable of turning a rubbish offer that nobody wants into a big fat pay day.

Sorry to bring bad news, but we can't.


Because there are certain things that, when it comes to selling your products and services, are far more important than your copy. (Which, by the way, is why I see myself as a marketing strategist who specializes in writing copy, as opposed to just being a copywriter.)

So, what are these "far more important" things than your copy?

Well, there's two.

First, there's your offer.

See, if you haven't got an offer which gets people foaming at the mouth when they hear about it, then the first thing you need to do is make sure you change the offer. At the very least, you need to tweak it so it's more attractive.

How do you do this?

You could...

* Add in bonuses

* Offer a bargain price

* Improve your product or service so people get greater benefits from using it

Or even...

* Admit to yourself that your current offer is about as attractive as a pig, and change your entire offer


Copywriters aren't wizards.

We can't make your prospects think your offer is amazing if it's not.

And, talking of prospects, now's the perfect time to tell you about the second thing that's far more important than your copy...

Here's the truth:

You could have a great offer in place...

You could hire a first-class copywriter...

But if you're putting that offer in front of a list of people who have no interest in it, then it's not gonna sell.


For example, you could have the best "How To Knit Like A Pro" manual in the world. It could be super slick. Full of easy-step-by-step instructions and a DVD as a bonus. And heck, you could be offering this for just $7.

Now, a woman in her 70s might be jumping with glee at this offer.

She's perhaps knitted all her life as a hobby, but has always felt her work hasn't been amazing. And since she's a bit bored these days, she'd love spending time taking her knitting skills to the next level, so she can make better clothes for her young grandkids.

Yet if you put this same offer in front of a mum in her early 30s, you're not gonna get much of a response. Most mums in their 30s don't tend to knit. So it would be stupid to put this offer in front of them.

Luckily nowadays, it's not that hard to make sure you're targeting the right list. Facebook ads make this pretty damn simple, for instance.

But still, you always need to be aware of who you're putting your offer in front of.

Anyway, as you see, these are both things that are more important than your copy.

And unless you hire Harry Potter to write for you, then there's nothing you can do to overcome a shitty offer that's put in front of the wrong list.

-- END ---
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