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Many people see trips abroad as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Your enthusiasm grows.
October-2022/Illinois: Many people see trips abroad as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Your enthusiasm grows. After all, you're about to embark on an extended trip to your dream destination. Now that you've renewed your passports and purchased your plane tickets, all that's left to do is pack. Most people's first thoughts when planning a trip abroad are about the language barrier and the unfamiliar currency. But today, we'll talk about other, smaller aspects of international travel.

When we travel, most of us always have a few electronic devices on hand. These could be anything from a hair dryer to a smartphone to a laptop computer. We are more than happy to store our chargers for these devices and use them at any available outlet.

Ever think before plugging in a charger? NO.
This is because we have never prioritized the production of charging cables and adapters. Different chargers call for different input voltages. It's probably safe to plug your charger in anywhere at home, but doing so in a foreign country could cause serious damage to both the charger and the device it's powering.

Even though the spread of technology has brought nations closer together, there are still significant distinctions between them. Standardization of electricity is one example. Consequently, the voltage requirements of various electronic devices vary from country to country. In the US and other places in the Western Hemisphere, most power outlets can handle voltages between 110 and 120 volts. The standard voltage in the rest of the world is between 220-240 volts. The 110V systems operate at 60Hz, whereas the other voltages operate at 50Hz.

The incompatibility of these power sources poses serious risks to your electronics. Therefore, there are potentially three different devices you'll need to bring with you on international travel to ensure your electronic gadgets can be powered by the outlets there. This includes:




Modern electronics, especially those designed with travel in mind (laptops, tablets, cameras, and smartphones), can operate on either 110 or 220 volts. Verify this by looking at the product's rating plate, which should be located on the back or base of the item. It may also be printed on the device's power cord or AC adapter. The number (or pair of numbers) will be followed by a " V".

If your gadget doesn't support dual voltage, you'll need a converter; otherwise, an AC adapter will work. An adapter for an electrical outlet is a device that modifies the shape of the plug but does not alter the output voltage.

The electrical sockets in each country are unique. You will need an electrical adapter to use your device in another country unless that country already uses a plug that works with your device. It's crucial that you find out in advance what exact plug type and voltage are used in the area you'll be visiting.

WorldWideVoltage offers adaptors with a wide variety of plug types and sizes for international travelers that are compatible with the vast majority of outlets worldwide.

Converters and transformers come in handy when traveling between countries with different voltage standards. Converters use an electric switch to change the voltage from 220V to 110V by quickly turning the current on and off. A converter will function for electronic devices that will only be plugged in for a short period of time.

Many common electrical items, like electric razors and small appliances that don't heat, only need a 50-watt converter. Larger heating appliances, on the other hand, may need 2000-watt converters. There are also converters that work with both types. Before buying an appliance, check its label for wattage.

Transformers are needed for large electronic appliances. The transformer converts 110v to 220v or 220v to 110v. Transformers reduce the voltage of the electricity passing through them, whereas converters only limit the amount of output.

We hope you find this information quite helpful. Next time you are packing for a trip, be sure to read the labels on your electronic devices and bring the appropriate converters and adapters. You can always visit the online store to order any of your travel converter needs.

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