Best Professions in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic 2022

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Fishing is one of the most time-consuming but rewarding professions in TBC Classic. It's pretty awesome, and there is a lot of fun & flavor in TBC.
In this guide we’re going to be talking about how to Choose Profession in WoW TBC. This guide is massive, we’ve got all professions – primary and secondary and all of the specializations. TBC brought some welcome changes: depending on what profession you chose you have benefits exclusive to you and your profession. This includes Jewelcrafting-only gems, bind on pickup items and the consolidation of consumables.

First Aid

It is available for all players in TBC classic. For players who don't have healing spells or who aren't undertaking Alchemy as a profession, the Bandages, like Heavy Netherweave Bandage, created by First Aid, are the best ways to heal themselves in battle or while they are out in the wild without food. First Aid is a worthwhile skill for everyone to own due to it needs a fairly small number of materials to level up.


Fishing is one of the most time-consuming but rewarding professions in TBC Classic. It's pretty awesome, and there is a lot of fun & flavor in TBC.

As a master fisherman, you can earn or catch a lot of rare companion pets, like magical crawdad and toothy, and you'll be able to catch fishes that are used in Cooking.

You can fish up gems gear, and Fishing also provides reagents for other professions, like Alchemy, so this chart will show you how many fishing skills you need to cast in certain zones and what skill you need to prevent the annoying fish from getting away.


If you like roaming the land picking up herbs and flowers everywhere you go you should consider learning Herbalism. The profession can get a bit annoying as you’ll have to go out of your way to find some of the rarest herbs in the game, but it can also be extremely profitable. Some of the herbs can be sold for a good chunk of gold on the auction house or used to create powerful potions and flasks. For that reason, Herbalism pairs well with Alchemy.


Mining works similar to Herbalism, only instead of herbs you’ll be gathering various ores. You’ll need a Mining Pick to be able to gather the valuable materials and then you can either choose to prospect or smelt the ore. Smelting creates bars that are required by professions like Blacksmithing and Engineering. Meanwhile, prospecting the ore yields gems that are required by Jewelcrafting, the new profession introduced in TBC Classic. Mining gives you a lot of options because it pairs well with not just one but three crafting professions.


If you’re worried about the fun factor when considering your profession Engineering is just what you’re looking for. Engineers are able to create a wide variety of crazy gadgets and contraptions, including quite a few that give you an advantage in PVP scenarios. In fact, it’s pretty much mandatory for PVP. In addition to gadgets, Engineering also lets you craft powerful goggles, trinkets, and even a couple of mounts. The mounts are BoE and can be sold for a lot of gold on the auction house. To make things even more interesting, the profession has two specializations – Gnomish Engineering and Goblin Engineering – each of which gives you access to even more fun and unique items.


Alchemists use herbs to craft potions and elixirs. Alchemy is also used to transmute materials into rare items used by other professions. The potions and elixirs are useful for all forms of gameplay in World of Warcraft and therefore have a lucrative spot on the Auction House.


Leatherworkers use leather from skinning to craft leather and mail gear. This gear is useful as it can provide the best slot items for pre-raid gear. This also provides the unique opportunity to sell crafted leather/mail on the Auction house.


Blacksmiths use iron and various other mining materials to create plate and mail armors. Blacksmithing has two paths, weaponsmith, and armorsmith. Choosing each path has unique benefits for your class. Weaponsmith allows for powerful late-game weapon crafting and armorsmith has unique armors for late-game.

In WoW TBC Classic, there are several professions to choose from. Professions serve as a way to make money, buff parties, and be extremely powerful raid tools. You may have discovered that the above methods will take some time to see the effect, and your gaming experience will not be very good in the process. This is why I recommend you to buy WoW TBC Gold directly. You can save time and money and enjoy the most pure happiness of the game! At present, many companies on the Internet are providing similar services, and according to the evaluation and feedback of players, is the most trusted seller.
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