Know the Usages of Stainless Steel Bands

Posted April 6, 2022 by wtggroup

Stainless steel banding comes in several variations and serves an essential function in many industrial and civil applications.
Stainless steel banding comes in several variations and serves an essential function in many industrial and civil applications. These bands may not be something you have noticed before, but they serve an essential function for society.

Applications of stainless-steel bands: There are many places that you might see stainless steel banding because it is highly versatile and can stand up to a range of elements. These applications can be either private or public, civil, or commercial. Attaching items to poles, such as signs or signals. This can be found in civil enterprises such as stop signs and traffic signals, or in private enterprises to label industrial compounds or similar. Securing a material onto something, such as insulation onto a pipe.

Fastening several items together, such as cables or pipes. These bands are used to keep several cables grouped together such as telephone cables that face the weather and other elements outdoors.

Varieties in banding: Just as there are many applications for Stainless Steel Bands, there are many varieties of bands available to suit each of these projects. Stainless steel bands vary in width, thickness, strength, and corrosion resistance to ensure that the bands can stand up to any environment and serve nearly any purpose. 201 stainless steel can be less expensive than other types of stainless steel because it has a lower nickel content.

316 stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than 201 stainless steel and many other varieties, making it ideal for more demanding environments, PPA coated 316 stainless steels, which has a polymer coating on top of the stronger steel alloy to withstand even more environmental abuse including corrosive chemicals, Light gauge versions of both 200 and 300 stainless steel are strong enough to stand up in many surroundings without the weight and cost of other alloys.

Custom banding can also be produced by some distributors to suit projects in specific environments, Stainless steel bands are a wonder of modern technology. These bands use the strength and resilience of stainless steel to affix items in a way that can withstand a great deal of abuse. If you are looking for Adjustable Clamping Systems, then check WTG GROUP, INC. has a small team of individuals with over 50 years combined experience with clamping products.


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