Osrs might just be a Major lsd trip

Posted July 30, 2020 by Xiamu22

Along with the more profound in the wilderness one extends the quicker the item charges. That merchandise is kept on death, and the charges are not dropped.
Another suggestion to change the revenants will also create the wilderness more active. I would make a product that is needed to be present in inventory or worn to have the ability to hurt revenants. That merchandise is given to players when speaking to the logo trader in the cave that was revenant. Fees are required by that thing, and every charge on such thing means you are able to do 1 damage to a revenant. That thing can be billed by Skilling or pvming from the wilderness, except for murdering revenants. Along with the more profound in the wilderness one extends the quicker the item charges. That merchandise is kept on death, and the charges are not dropped.

For instance, if a player reaches a jungle boss in the wild, 1000 rates, which translates into 1000 damage are gained by this item. Or the player can finish a wilderness Slayer task and gain 5000 charges. The item will promote activity and the reward for Skilling or even pvming in wilderness is the capability to kill revenants. It will not be overpowered because you obtain 20000 charges, so you can perform 20000 points of damage and are able to kill 20 Callisto per hour.

People make fun of RS3 for having random shit that is goofy but OSRS has it too. People have been Skilling and bank standing in shit. The issue with Rs3 is they added permanent cosmetic overrides so individuals are bossing in Bikinis and other ridiculous costumes. I also dislike the wings that feel quite big and out of place, but a whole lot of individuals walk around with them on constantly.then you have the problem that 99 percent of people running around are in full graceful of maybe another color but mostly default and anytime you do slayer everyone is dressed the same since they all wear BiS except minor version.

One of these really beginnings that are fine slowly descending into abject horror. Past some sheep, with a hilarious penguin sheep imposter that amuses you. Oh look, bustling with people that are interesting, a castle to talk to. Hmm, now we are heading into the graveyard. That's okay, possibly a little spooky but there is a cool swamp on the opposite side. Pretend you did not see or hear the mad ghost at the shack at the corner, we are in the swamp now.

Cute small frogs... urrrm, slightly less adorable oversized mutant frogs and humanoid goblin creatures. And fuck, absolutely gigantic fucking rats with enormous scars to show they are no fearful of a fight. Fuck this, gonna get my spelunk on in that cave I see over there. This can be when your otherwise ordinary trip takes that sudden turn for the worst. The warnings were there, however, you could not avoid it even if you had noticed.

Upon squeezing through a narrow passage however, a previously unseen demon squeezes your head. You come to terms with this being the the end, hoping the head squeeze does not reach Oberyn Martell levels, but he actually lets go. Turns out it was not doing it to spare you, and you hear it is laughs at you through his crevice as you observe the struggle extinguished the your sole light source. Your friends find you a few hours after incoherently babbling about bugs biting your eyes and all else and placing their babies into your skin.

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