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Ratio Extract Powder manufacturersRatio Extract Powder manufacturers
Ratio Extract Powder manufacturers Introduction Bergamot, (scientific name: Citrus medica L. var. sarcodactylis Swingle): is the fruit of the Rutaceae plant bergamot. When the fruit is ripe, the carpels are separated to form slender and curved fruit petals, shaped like fingers, hence the name bergamot. In the south, bergamot is homophonic with Fushou, so bergamot is also called Fushou orange. Bergamot is a tropical and subtropical plant. It likes a warm, humid and sunny environment. It is not resistant to severe cold, frost and drought, and is resistant to shade, barren and waterlogging. With sufficient rainfall. It is suitable for cultivation in areas without freezing in winter. Bergamot is mostly planted in the open areas of hills and plains at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters in Guangdong, while in Sichuan it is mostly distributed in the hilly areas of 400 to 700 meters above sea level, especially on the tops of hills. Citrus Bergamot Extract 10:1 is extracted from bergamot, making it easier to transport and store. Bergamot extract has grown in popularity in recent years and is widely used in nutritional supplements Bergamot is used in many religious ceremonies and traditions, probably because the open hand of the Buddha is important in the Buddhist belief. Also, due to its smell, this fruit is useful in many ways. Bergamot is also commonly used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Its main functions are: soothe the liver and regulate qi, and relieve pain. It is mainly used for chest and flank pain due to liver stagnation and qi stagnation, chest tightness and abdominal fullness due to spleen and stomach qi stagnation, stomach pain, indigestion, belching and nausea. , eat less and so on. Certificate of Analysis ItemSpecificationTest result Extract Ratio10:1Conforms Physical Control AppearanceBrown Yellow Fine PowderConforms Odor & TasteCharacteristicConforms IdentificationPositiveConforms Part UsedFruitConforms Extract SolventWaterConforms Loss on Drying鈮?.0%3.78% Ash鈮?.0%4.17% Particle sizeNLT 95% through 80 meshConforms SolubilityWater solubleConforms AllergensNoneConforms Chemical Control Heavy MetalsNMT10ppmConforms Lead(Pb)NMT2ppmConforms Arsenic (As)NMT2ppmConforms Mercury(Hg)NMT1ppmConforms Cadmium(Cd)NMT1ppmConforms GMO StatusGMO FreeConforms Microbiological Control Total Plate Count10,000cfu/g MaxConforms Yeast & Mold1,000cfu/g MaxConforms E.ColiNegativeNegative SalmonellaNegativeNegative Citrus Bergamot Extract 10:1 Flow Chart Medicinal value The red pine golden bergamot is full of treasures all over the body. Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits can be used as medicine, pungent, bitter, sweet, warm, non-toxic; enter the three meridians of liver, spleen and stomach, regulate qi and resolve phlegm, relieve vomiting and distension, relieve liver and strengthen spleen, and stomach and other medicinal functions. It has obvious relieving effect on bronchitis and asthma in the elderly; it has a more significant effect on indigestion, chest and abdominal distention and stuffiness in ordinary people. Red pine gold bergamot can be made into a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, long-term use has the effect of health care and longevity. Bergamot's therapeutic effect on the mind can be said to be an emotional panacea. It can not only eliminate anxiety and nervous tension, but also effectively release stress and fight irritability. The earliest used aromatherapy is its own bactericidal effect. Its effect is no less than that of lavender. It can fight against indoor dust mites. Therefore, it is often used for the relief of allergic rhinitis and children's asthma. People feel relaxed and happy, and even have the effect of purifying the air and preventing the spread of viruses; used for skin massage, it is very helpful for oily skin such as acne, and can balance the secretion of sebaceous glands in oily skin. Economic Value Because the red pine golden bergamot has high ornamental value and medicinal value, its economic value is also relatively high. Various medicinal wines made with golden bergamot are fragrant, sweet, pure and delicious, and have been affirmed by experts for many times; health-care tea made with golden bergamot has obtained national patents, and has been identified by the Tea Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture as golden bergamot. Health tea contains amino acids, vitamins and various trace elements needed by the human body. It is a new discovery of the treasure house of Chinese herbal medicine in the motherland. The aromatic oil extracted from bergamot fruit, skin and leaves has been internationally used as an important raw material for high-grade tobacco flavors. . Experts believe that the use of bergamot to process food, drink, and brew bergamot wine has a very broad prospect. Application 1. Asthma and expectorant effects: The lemon lactone contained in bergamot has an antagonistic effect on the constriction of isolated guinea pig trachea caused by histamine; the test in the isolated ileum and isolated trachea of guinea pigs sensitized to egg white shows that it has a certain anti-allergic effect active. 2. The effect on stomach and intestinal smooth muscle: Citrus Bergamot Extract 10:1 has obvious inhibitory effect on the isolated intestine of rats and rabbits, and intravenous administration also has the same inhibitory effect on the in vivo intestinal tube of anesthetized cats and rabbits. It has a significant antispasmodic effect on rabbit duodenal spasm caused by acetylcholine, but can not completely resist the one caused by barium chloride. Intravenous injection of bergamot extract 2.25g/kg can quickly relieve the increased tension in the stomach, intestines and gallbladder of anesthetized cats caused by carbamoylcholine. 3. Inhibitory effect on the central nervous system: 1p bergamot extract in mice is 20g/kg, the spontaneous activity is significantly reduced and can be maintained for 2h. The same dose can also significantly prolong the sleep time of pentobarbital sodium in mice, prolong the lethal time of strychnine convulsion and the occurrence time and lethal time of convulsions caused by pentetrazole or caffeine in mice, and can reduce the mortality rate. 4. Effects on cardiovascular system: Bergamot extract can significantly increase coronary flow in isolated guinea pig hearts and improve hypoxia tolerance in mice; it has a protective effect on myocardial ischemia caused by vasopressin in rats , and improved the electrocardiographic changes caused by coronary artery ligation in guinea pigs, and also had a preventive effect on arrhythmia caused by chloroform-adrenaline. ABOUT US Company Information CertificatesRatio Extract Powder manufacturers website:http://www.greenherbbt.com/ratio-extract-powder/
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