What To Pay Attention To When Selecting Metal Stamping Parts

Posted December 10, 2019 by xinghui

If you do not choose the right material, it is easy to have defective products, which leads to high costs. Today we will share the problem metal stamping parts to choose?
What are the issues in the selection of Metal Stamping Parts? Metal stamping parts punches and dies are deformed or broken using stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper plates and anisotropic materials to achieve a process with a specific shape and size. If you do not choose the right material, it is easy to have defective products, which leads to high costs. Today we will share the problem metal stamping parts to choose?

I. Matters needing attention in the selection of metal stamping parts:

1. In the steel plate specification type, whether it is a fixed-size steel plate or a coil plate, the same material, the thickness of the material, and the different roll widths have different sales prices. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the utilization rate of materials, starting from the setting of the width of the purchase batch, and without increasing the price, try to choose a volume width range to reduce costs. If a suitable size is selected as much as possible for a fixed-size plate, it is not necessary to perform a second shear after the steel mill is cut to reduce the cutting cost. For a coiled plate, the coiling size and the uncoiling forming process should be selected as much as possible. In order to reduce the secondary shear workload and improve work efficiency.

2, there is a change in the required thickness of the board, typically within the allowable deviation range, the deviation should be used sheet first.

3. The determination of the shape and size of the bulge of the stamping part is the premise of analyzing the deformation degree of the stamping part, the design process and the formulation of the process rules. If the shape of the sheet is appropriate, not only can the uneven distribution of deformation along the sheet be significantly improved, but the forming limit can be increased, the height of the lugs can be reduced, and the margin of cutting edges can be reduced.

4. In product design and material selection, avoid the selection of high-grade materials leading to excessive product performance. At the same time, under the premise of meeting product and process requirements, try to select the materials used in the existing mass production model, material thickness, and formation of material platforms Provide convenience for subsequent purchases and inventory management. For example, the key performance requirement of ordinary cold-rolled steel sheet is its tensile toughness. Therefore, under the premise of product quality requirements, select low-grade materials as much as possible. In the choice of material thickness, we must not only consider the strength and weight of the body after forming, but also pay attention to the popularization of material thickness. Due to the special thickness of the material, it is difficult for suppliers to supply and the price is high.

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