Have You Noticed These Problems When Using A Household Vacuum Cleaner?

Posted April 26, 2022 by xinrongwei

What Should You Pay Attention To When Using A Household Vacuum Cleaner
1. Various types and specifications of household vacuum cleaners have different structural performance and functional characteristics. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual carefully before using the purchased vacuum cleaner to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and endanger personal safety due to improper use.
2. The vacuum cleaner should be used in a dry room or similar environment with an altitude of no more than 1000 meters, good ventilation, an ambient temperature of no more than 40 °C, and no flammable and corrosive gases in the air.
3. Before use, the hose should be properly connected with the suction port of the shell, and the hose should be tightly connected with each section of the super-long nozzle and the nozzle at the end of the nozzle, such as furniture brushes, crevice nozzles, floor brushes, etc. Due to the fewer air inlets of the crevice nozzle, the noise during use is high, and the continuous use time should not be too long.
4. Connect the ground wire to ensure the safety of electricity. The vacuum cleaner should not be used continuously for more than 1 hour each time to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.
5. When using a vacuum cleaner equipped with an automatic reeling device, just pull out the power cord for a sufficient length. Do not pull the power cord over the head. If you see a yellow or red mark on the power cord, stop pulling it. out. When the power cord needs to be rolled back, it automatically retracts at the push of a button.
6. The vacuum cleaner generally has two switches, one is on the housing of the vacuum cleaner, and the other is on the handle of the hose. When using it, the sky switch on the housing should be turned on first, and then the switch on the handle should be turned on. .
7. In normal use, care should be taken not to make the vacuum cleaner wet, and the machine cannot be operated with wet hands. If there are large pieces of paper, paper balls, plastic sheets or things larger than the diameter of the straw in the place to be cleaned, they should be arranged in advance. There is a circular hole in the elbow with an adjustment ring on it. When the adjustment ring covers the hole in the elbow, the suction is maximum, and when the adjustment ring leaves the hole fully exposed, the suction is minimum. Some vacuum cleaners use the method of motor speed regulation to adjust the suction power.
9. When it is found that there is a lot of garbage in the dust storage cylinder, the dust accumulation on the filter should be eliminated while the garbage is removed, and a good ventilation channel should be maintained to avoid blocking the filter and cause the suction power not to drop, the motor to heat up and reduce the use of the vacuum cleaner. life.
10. After the vacuum cleaner is used for a period of time, the suction power will drop due to the excessive accumulation of dust on the filter belt. At this time, shake the ash holder on the vacuum cleaner to restore the suction power. If the suction cannot be recovered by shaking the ash shaker, it means that the dust in the bucket is full and should be removed in time.
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