Laminated Corrugated Plastic Container Suppliers Introduces The Use Strategy Of Hollow Board

Posted November 22, 2021 by yfcorrugatedhz

Laminated Corrugated Plastic Container Suppliers introduced the following factors that harm the price of hollow board:
Laminated Corrugated Plastic Container Suppliers introduced the following factors that harm the price of hollow board:

1. The net weight of the hollow board. The greater the weight of the hollow board itself, the larger the amount of raw materials used and the higher the price.

2. Hollow board color, the color of hollow board products can be tailored according to customer needs, just add the corresponding color masterbatch (common dark blue, black, emerald green, bright red, etc.).

3. The proportion of recycled materials. The recycled hollow board is a hollow board with a certain percentage of recycled materials in one-time injection molding process; obviously, the more recycled materials, the lower the cost and the lower the price.

4. Hollow board materials, generally high-pressure polyethylene and polypropylene are common. Recycled materials are also divided into: first-level recycled materials and second-level recycled materials. The price is not the same. There is a certain difference in the prices of these two kinds of raw materials, and the price difference will be relatively large in a special stage (accompanied by the shift in international oil prices).

5. The raw materials of the hollow board can be divided into new upgraded materials (generally called dry materials) and recycled materials (generally called cement clinker). The new upgraded materials are higher than recycled materials at the functional level, and the price is obviously higher than that of ordinary materials. More expensive. In order to better maintain survival, some small-scale manufacturers have repeatedly reduced prices, desperately adding recycled materials, and some even use all recycled materials to manufacture, resulting in uneven quality of hollow boards. ; It seems that the price is very low. It is very cheap, and it is indeed possible that there are serious product quality problems, resulting in a very short life span of the hollow board itself.

Through the above introduction, Corrugated Plastic Toy Container Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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