The idea has been in development intermittently for several years

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The idea has been in development intermittently for several years
Before the cover unveiling, the Undefeated's Aaron Dodson caught up with Jackson to talk about the Tecmo Bowl days, how Bo Knows came to life as well as his Madden return and much more.

These conversations have been edited for the clarity of it and its length.

What is it like for you to finally be an athlete who covers the sport 35 years after you started your career?

The idea has been in development intermittently for several years. The moment had to be the right one for my brand. In collaboration with the Madden people to get things sorted out, make sure that all the dots are crossed, cross all the t's -once we were completed, the rest was just going to be a breeze. I figured that, somewhere in my history I had done something right to continue to be recognized as one of the greatest athletes of more than 30 years ago. Madden still thinks enough of me to be able to do something similar to this.

Your video game legacy dates to 1989, when you became the mainstay in the Tecmo Bowl. Tecmo Bowl. Was it a thrill to see yourself from the back of your mind?

I'm still seeing myself in Tecmo Bowl. I've still got an old videogame. I still have the device for it to use. It's just in a box in storage. It's iconic. It makes me happy to hear grown men in their 40s telling me"Hi, my cousin and I had the biggest fight of our lives because we both wanted to be you in the Tecmo Bowl when we were young. So our parents took the game and my dad locked it in his tool cabinet. We were unable to play it for a month due to the fight was too intense. I hear this a lot. At sports memorabilia shows, individuals come up to the video game. They'll say, "I've have the game machine I played it on. My kids play it. My grandkids play it ... and everyone still argues about who is going to be Bo Jackson.' Tecmo Bowl ... that was a lot of technology at the time. You look at it now and it's like, 'Wow, that's an antique.'

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