China Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces How To Use Bolts

Posted May 26, 2021 by yongding

China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduced the guarantee measures and safety measures of bolts:
China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduced the guarantee measures and safety measures of bolts:

1. Quality considerations.
1. Surface rust, oil stains, bolt hole wall burrs, weld bumps, etc. should be removed. The welding nails of the welding and nailing factory are high-strength, rigid connection fasteners, which are short for cylindrical welding nails for arc stud welding, and their specifications are 10~╬Ž25mm in nominal diameter and 40~300mm in total length before welding. The top surface of the welding nail head adopts embossed characters to make a person's identification mark. The use of welding nails is very wide. Steel bolt manufacturer Steel structure bolt is a kind of high-strength bolt, and it is also a standard part. Fasteners have good performance and are suitable for steel structures, engineering, and buckle action. In ordinary steel structures, the required steel structure bolts are all grade 8.8 or above, and there are grades 10.9 and 12.9, all of which are high-strength steel structure bolts. Sometimes the bolts on the steel structure do not need electroplating, just use the original color.
2. The contact friction surface is processed in order to meet the predetermined shifting stroke requirements. High-strength bolts should be used in conjunction with supporting nuts and washers and cannot be used interchangeably.
3. During the installation of the components, the treated friction surface should not be contaminated with oil, soil and other sundries.
4. The friction surface of the component must be kept dry during the installation process, and it is not allowed to operate in the rain.
5. Carefully check and correct whether the deformation of the steel plate is connected by pre-installation.
6. When installing, do not hammer into the bolt to avoid damage to the bolt thread.
7. When using, check the electric wrench regularly to ensure the accuracy of the torque and operate according to the correct screwing sequence.

2. The main safety technical precautions. For adjustable wrenches, the opening size of the wrench should match the size of the nut, and the socket should not be applied to the small wrench. Use the wrench to fix the wrench during high-altitude operations, so that when using the wrench, the seat belt must be firmly tied. When assembling the connecting bolts of steel components, high-strength bolt manufacturers shall not insert the connecting surface or probe the screw holes by hand. When picking and placing the shim plate, you should place your fingers on both sides of the shim plate.

Through the above introduction, China Stud Bolt Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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