China Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Maintenance Knowledge Of Hexagon Socket Bolts

Posted October 13, 2021 by yongding

China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the techniques for dealing with bluing of hexagon socket bolts:
China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the techniques for dealing with bluing of hexagon socket bolts:

1. How to deal with bluing:

At present, the more commonly used methods are: the traditional alkaline heating blackening and the later normal temperature blackening, and the latter is not good for the treatment of low-carbon steel. As for the bolts made of A3 steel, alkaline hair is generally used. Black: It means turning black once and turning black twice. In the blackening process, the first thing to do is to configure the blackening liquid. The main components of the blackening liquid are sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrite. In the actual treatment process, it is necessary to pay attention to the degreasing and rust removal work before the bolts are blackened, so as to facilitate the passivation and oil immersion after use. The quality of blackening treatment has a lot to do with these processes.

2. Metal "blue" liquid medicine:

The more common methods are alkaline oxidation or acid oxidation. An oxide film is formed on the surface of the metal to prevent the surface of the metal from being corroded. This treatment method is called "bluing". After the black metal surface is "blued", an oxide film will be formed on the surface. The inner layer of the oxide film is ferrous oxide and the outer layer is ferroferric oxide.

When using alkaline oxidation "bluening" liquid, be sure to clean the surface of the bolt first. During the treatment, it is necessary to analyze whether the ingredients in the liquid meet the requirements at intervals of one week. "After the blue treatment" It needs to be rinsed with water. When using the acidic oxidation method "blue" chemical solution, pay attention to the "blue" working temperature should be 100%, and the treatment time should be 40 to forty-five minutes.
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