Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Storage Process Of High-strength Bolts

Posted August 11, 2021 by yongding

Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the storage methods of high-strength bolts:
Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the storage methods of high-strength bolts:

1. When the high-strength bolts are factory-set, they must be manufactured and delivered by the manufacturer according to the batch number, and have factory-set components.

2. The composition of high-strength bolts should comply with national industry standards and relevant requirements. High-strength bolt connections must be paired in the same batch

3. Storage and delivery of supplies. In the whole process of high-strength bolt connection, box separation, unloading and transportation, it must be lightweight, and care must be taken to avoid packaging.

4. When the installation is damaged, attention should be paid to the external thread part of the high-strength bolt.

5. When packaging high-strength bolts, the specifications and product batch numbers of the packaging high-toughness bolts should be established;

6. Carry out classification and storage according to the supply cycle. If high-strength bolts are stored in a warehouse in the room, the amount of deposits cannot exceed three layers. Otherwise, it is not only unfavorable to transport but also very easy to cause the risk of collapse. In the warehouse where high-strength bolts are stored, be sure to do a good job of preventing moisture in the room and ensure long-term safety protection.

7. This is dry and rusty and stains must be avoided. It is to avoid large changes in the torque index of high-strength bolts, and commodity reimbursements. Stack

8. Only in strict compliance with the warehouse regulations to store high-strength bolts, can the products be maintained for a longer period of time. In order to ensure correct safety, the high-strength bolts are stored for more than half a year and need to be reviewed. It is best to do a test before application.

Through the above introduction, Stud Bolt Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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