What are the advantages of pull out kitchen sink faucet?

Posted February 24, 2022 by yusongroup

What is the reason why pull out kitchen sink faucet sells well? What are the advantages of pull out kitchen sink faucet compared to regular kitchen faucets?
What is the reason why pull out kitchen sink faucet sells well? What are the advantages of pull out kitchen sink faucet compared to regular kitchen faucets?
1. Large cleaning range
It can be pulled out for a distance of 60cm and rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient for washing dishes, countertops, receiving water in a bucket or adding water to cooking.
2. A variety of water outlet methods
Strong water jet: washing kitchen utensils and other dirty stains will be cleaner.
Gentle sparkling water: washing fruits and vegetables will not cause damage.
How to choose a pull faucet?
(1) Material of drawing tube
Because the pull-out faucet actually adds a section of pull-out tube to the common kitchen faucet to realize the pull, after use, it can return to the original position by loosening the faucet.
The most frequently used pull faucet is stretching. If the quality is not good, it will be easily damaged and difficult to reset. At present, there are two main materials for drawing tubes in the industry.
Nylon drawing tube: The drawing tube made of nylon fiber is wear-resistant, soft, and at the same time it has steel properties and has a longer service life. The cost will be higher
Metal drawing tube: It feels better than nylon tube, but the metal buckle may trip under long-term repeated drawing, and it may also wear the electroplated layer on the metal surface.
(2) Look at the spool: We control the water flow through the opening and closing of the spool. The quality of the spool determines the service life of the faucet. When in use, it rotates in all directions, which is flexible and smooth without a sense of blockage, indicating good quality.
Ceramic valve core: It is the mainstream in the market at present, with the characteristics of not easy to rust, wear resistance and good sealing.
Stainless steel valve core: It is a leading valve core with high technological content at present, which requires high processing technology, good wear resistance, long service life, and expensive.
(3) Look at the material:
304 stainless steel: corrosion resistance and long service life, it is the mainstream on the market at present.
Copper alloy: It is not 100% pure copper. Copper has excellent antibacterial effect and good abrasion resistance.
Zinc alloy: cheap, easy to rust, short service life.
(4) Look at the craft
Metal wire drawing: The surface layer is wire drawn, which has high abrasion resistance and is not easy to leave traces when used.
Chrome plating: high-grade smooth mirror surface, corrosion resistance and long service life.
Baking varnish: The baking varnish is of high grade and it is necessary to prevent the surface paint from being damaged.
(5) Whether there is a bubbler
The function of the bubbler: filter impurities in the water, prevent water splashing, and save water.
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