What are the advantages of wall-mounted toilets?

Posted January 24, 2022 by yusongroup

What are the advantages of wall-hung toilets? The following is a brief introduction.
What are the advantages of wall-hung toilets? The following is a brief introduction.

1. Easy to clean

The toilet on the wall is really clean, which is its advantage, but in fact, we all know that one of the main toilets is to ensure ventilation and daylighting, and that the dark bathroom with high humidity for a long time is really "dirty ". Then, ordinary toilets are also easy to clean.

There is a radian between the base and the water tank, so it's OK to brush in and flush into the water a few times, and it's not difficult to clean. As for the fear that the glass glue will become moldy and blackened after a long time, in fact, some toilet seats have screw holes, which can be directly locked with anchor screws for fixation, but few masters in China do so because it is too troublesome.

But in fact, you can also use other epoxy glue, such as genuine porcelain glue, plastic-steel soil, etc., so it is not so easy to get moldy. As for those who are worried about being blocked and difficult to dismantle, you only need to strictly install the toilet installation method mentioned in an article I wrote before, so you definitely don't have to dismantle the toilet. Again, being difficult to dismantle doesn't mean you can't dismantle it. You can dismantle it with a screwdriver and a hammer and be patient.

2. Save space

Most of them are installed on the wall in China, and then a fake wall is made outside, which actually does not save space. On the contrary, the width of the common conjoined toilet is about 40, and the fake wall of the hidden water tank is at least 50. The height of the common toilet is generally below 80, and the hidden water tank is generally above 82 or 114, which wastes more space than the ordinary toilet, unless the door hole is really made in the wall, just like the water tank is made in the partition wall by foreigners. However, if it is installed like that, it is a blank room.

3. Low noise

Most of the water tanks are in the wall, so that the sound insulation effect is good. However, the fact is that the wall-mounted toilet is arranged on the wall, so the toilet must be made into a straight-up toilet, and the straight-down toilet washes the toilet bowl away by the impulse of water, so that the water level of the water tank must be washed away at a high point, which will inevitably lead to relatively loud noise. Actually, the floor siphon toilet is the quietest.

4. Clean and beautiful

If installed properly, it is simple and beautiful, which is indeed the advantage of wall-mounted toilet.

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