Why is wall-hung toilets popular?

Posted April 16, 2021 by yusongroup

Wall-hung toilets are very popular in Europe and Australia.
Wall-hung toilets are very popular in Europe and Australia. Because many drains on the same floor in Europe do not fall, the pipes are reserved in the wall, and wall-hung toilets must be used for drainage, including the wash basin. If the floor is used, the height difference is not enough to be unusable. The ordinary vertical wall toilet needs to be connected with a pipe behind it, which is very ugly. This is one of the reasons why wall-hung toilets are popular.

Advantages of wall-hung toilets:

1. Easy to clean; wall-hung toilets are indeed easy to clean, but in fact, ordinary one-piece toilets are also easy to clean.

The base of the ordinary one-piece toilet has an arc with the water tank, and the brush is inserted in and swiped a few times to flush the water. It is not difficult to clean. As for the worry that the glass glue will become moldy and black for a long time, in fact, some toilet seats have screw holes, which can be directly locked with anchor screws. However, it is true that few masters in China install it like this because it is too troublesome. But in fact, you can also use other epoxy glues, such as real porcelain glue, plastic steel soil, etc., which is not so easy to mold. As for the ones that are difficult to remove, you only need to strictly install the installation mentioned in an article I wrote before. The method of the toilet is absolutely no need to remove the toilet. In addition, the fact that it is difficult to dismantle does not mean that it cannot be dismantled. It can be dismantled with a little patience with a screwdriver and a hammer.

2. Save space

In China, most of them are installed on the wall, and then a fake wall is made outside. This does not save space. On the contrary, the width of an ordinary one-piece toilet is about 40, and a fake wall with a hidden water tank needs at least more than 50. The height of the toilet is generally below 80, and the hidden water tank is generally 82, 114, which is more wasteful of space than ordinary toilets. Unless the door hole is really used in the wall, just like the foreigner uses the water tank in the plaster wall, but it is installed unless there is no internal wall. The wall needs to be dismantled, the door hole is left to build the 18 wall, and the angle iron or the wall reinforcement must be used to fix it. The process is cumbersome and cumbersome.

3. Low noise

Most of them say that the water tank is inside the wall, so that the sound insulation effect is good. However, the fact is that wall-hung toilets are wall-hung toilets. The toilet must be made into a jet-down type. The jet-down toilet flushes away the baba by the impulse of the water, so that the water level of the water tank must be high for the flushing effect. It will inevitably cause relatively loud noise. In fact, the siphon toilet with a low water tank is the most silent.

4. Neat and beautiful

If installed properly, it is indeed concise and beautiful, improving the quality of the bathroom.

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