Umbraco 9 is Now on .NET 5 And ASP.NET Core

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Umbraco has been the centre of attraction since it was launched on .NET 5 and ASP.NET core. The beta release brings a feature-rich Umbraco CMS that offers the latest framework to work with. Let us take a look at how it has brought in new features.
Umbraco has been the centre of attraction since it was launched on .NET 5 and ASP.NET core. The beta release brings a feature-rich Umbraco CMS that offers the latest framework to work with.

Let us take a look at how it has brought in new features.

Things Included in the Umbraco 9 Beta Version:
Umbraco 9 is uplifted from .NET 4.X to .NET 5.X which offers a lot of platform independence for the very first time. This makes the hosting external to Windows easier on various other operating systems. With this update, a lot of new possibilities are visible on the horizon.

Following are the changes that we will see in the latest Umbraco version:

1) Authentication of User and Member:
Initially, Umbraco offered two options for authentication. But now, ASP.NET Core Identity can take up and implement the two type authentication thus available. The maintenance becomes simplified and the code reusability is enhanced.

2) Dependency on third-party:
Umbraco 8 dependencies were incompatible with .NET Core. But with the continual updates, the incompatibility was removed upto a certain extent. Coming to V9, Umbraco uses dependency injection. It comes integrated with .NET core.

This means that you don’t have to use an external package for the same purpose as you did with the older version. With such a feature, there is a lot of flexibility and adaptability for individual workflows.

3) Package installation:
It was necessary to change the Umbraco installation process fundamentally. With the V9, you don’t have to install the Umbraco project into an empty web project. It is now possible to install .NET templates.

The installation of the packages can be done through the open-source package manager called NuGet. But you can also get it done using CLI, Visual Studio, and Rider.

4) A Fresh Notification Pattern Replaces the Static Events:
The new notification pattern enables the management of asynchronous notifications. This makes the dependency injection seamless and effortless. With the V9, this is handled by the dependency injection container. Also, they will not be tied to the implementation of various static events.

5) Web framework updates from ASP.NET 4 to ASP.NET Core 5:
--It is imperative that .NET 5 works successfully on the latest web framework called ASP.NET Core. The framework has been curated from scratch. Though the main MVC pattern is similar to some of them from ASP.NET, it still has many changes to understand and follow.
--The dependency injection is the first thing to work with the latest framework. Initially, we had to adjust dependency injection in the codebase as well.

--Another focus with the fresh version is the configuration of the application. The adoption of the standard abstraction has also happened with Umbraco 9.

Things that did not change with Umbraco 9:
In order to keep things simple, Umbraco 9 does not have a lot of changes. Certain things are retained to simplify the development experience for developers, users, and other people involved. There could be changes in the future cycles of the releases.

V9 will not have any changes with its front end or the original functionalities compared to its previous version. V8 is under revamp but the process is independent of V9. You can expect some changes in the database which was a huge concern in the previous version.

The focus here is primarily on .NET Core, hence there won’t be a lot of changes in the JavaScript unless it becomes mandatory.

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The next thing with Umbraco 8:
It is important to understand that Umbraco 8 packages will not function on the new framework. Hence, they will need migration. The V8 will focus on continuous improvement in its headquarters.

Umbraco headquarters have promised to provide improvisations and fixes until upto three coming years.

Concerns of the Beta release:
There are certain things to take care of when the Beta version is concerned:

=> Restarting the system: whenever you install an Umbraco solution, you have to restart the system to implement the changes. It is possible to halt the application without restarting it. Therefore, we require some function to work out with the system restart.

=> The search indexes in Examine are usable only in the Windows.

How does the community contribute to Umbraco 9?
The release of Umbraco 9 has a lot of active contributions from its community. The Unicore team is essentially involved with participation in discussion, advising, coding, and testing it out. There have also been some of the contributions that are indirect in nature.

Wrapping it up:
Huge audiences around the world are looking forward to using Umbraco 9 CMS which migrates from .NET 5/ASP.NET Core. This is going to be a huge development milestone. It has opened up the possibility of a fast, enhanced, and modern Umbraco platform.
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