Getting to Know the Benefits of Cork Flooring

Posted April 2, 2020 by ZoeScarlet

There are many options on the market when it comes to flooring. And most consumers are familiar with the classic options, such as hardwood and ceramic tiles, but take some time to learn about a lesser known material as well.
There are many options on the market when it comes to flooring. And most consumers are familiar with the classic options, such as hardwood and ceramic tiles, but take some time to learn about a lesser known material as well. Each floor type has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is worth knowing as much as possible about each to find the one that best meets your wants and needs. Cork flooring is increasing in popularity as it is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Depending upon the application type, cork flooring can be easy to install. Make it a DIY project with a little know-how. 

Why Choose Cork Flooring 

When installing a new floor at home or within a commercial space, it makes sense to study all options and make sure you choose the right once, meeting quality standards and being highly aesthetic as well. Cork flooring is highly versatile and presents many advantages. Thanks to current technological advancements in the manufacturing process and industry innovation, varying styles of cork flooring can go in areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, and even basements.  It is one of the most reliable and most beautiful materials available. The best part is that cork is ecological as harvesting the source material doesn’t harm the environment. 

Aesthetics is one of the deciding factors when choosing a new floor, because it really does matter how a floor will turn out in the end, and how it influences the final design. In many cases, the look and feel of the floor, helps decide furniture, accents, and the overall décor. The good news is that cork comes in many styles, patterns and colors, so you can create an amazing interior design. Each cork floor pattern is distinctive, some appearing very organic, resembling natural wood grains effortlessly while others can mimic the patterns of natural stone. To get an idea of what is available, check out the Internet, its full of information and companies that deal in cork flooring. 

Why Cork Tiles Are Worth It 
Besides appearance, what matters also is durability. Consumers want a floor that can last for years if not decades. Time and money have gone into this and it is a given that no one wants their investment to go down the drain. The good news is that cork tiles  are up for the job. Cork flooring is not only versatile but durable, they are resilient and with proper installation and maintenance can withstand heavy foot traffic. It is no wonder why cork floors are installed in public institutions, such as libraries, banks, hotels, court houses, and more. Cork floors, depending on the type of damage, can often be repaired and reconditioned, and this is a major plus. 

Another great feature that must be mentioned is comfort. No matter if you are spending a lot of time standing or you walk around a house or commercial space, cork flooring is an experience worth having, great comfort. This is due to the very genetic structure of cork, these cells build a material that offers a ‘cushioned’ feeling beneath your feet. Accidental falls result in less injury to the person. Impact shock is reduced considerably and those who are on their feet for hours was have less strain and feet pain unlike with other hard flooring options. This is something worth taking into consideration, especially if you want to walk on a highly comfortable and warm surface throughout the day. 

Speaking of warmth, another great advantage of cork flooring  is thermal insulation. Because corks cells are encapsulated, cork material itself is a natural thermal insulator. The ambient temperature you want will remain in a cork insulated room longer, creating a highly comfortable environment. In colder months that can make all the difference, and in hot summer days, cork will help maintain a cooler space as well.

Among all the advantages of cork tiles, the ability to reduce sound and vibration transmission is highly appreciated too. Millions of air cells within the material act as cushions, absorbing direct impact and vibrations or dispersing them. This makes the floor an excellent solution for libraries, gaming rooms, recording studios and any other space that requires sound control. Noisy neighbors, cork flooring and walling can be an excellent muting agent. Or, love to watch movies a little too loud, use cork to help keep your noise inside your home and not disturb your neighbors.

Moreover, allergy sufferers will be happy to know that suberin, a natural substance within cork prevents the cultivation of mold and keeps away mites and insects. Cork is a hypo-allergenic floor that helps to keep a cleaner, healthier living space.

Natural cork bark is impervious to liquids. Cork flooring however, has gone through a manufacturing process that has altered that ability. Cork flooring is water-resistant, not waterproof. The mentioned substance, suberin, prevents deterioration and damaged caused by water in natural cork bark. Because cork flooring has incorporated other components that do not carry that ability, it is recommended that a sealant be used to finish and seal the floor.

Cork does not catch fire as quickly or easily as other hardwoods. Nor does it put off toxins if it does burn. This ability made it a viable material to incorporate into space shuttles for NASA.

Cork tiles are highly flexible and elastic. This means they can endure compression. When heavy elements are placed on a cork floor, dents will appear. It can be unsightly, but the best part is that these dents can regain the original shape once pressure is removed.

Great peace of mind is obtained by knowing that cork flooring offers such valuable features. Don’t hesitate, come see us today.
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