What Is the Best Option for Your Hotel Flooring?

Posted May 5, 2020 by ZoeScarlet

All the materials used in the construction of a hotel are very important. They not only have to ensure the safety of the guest but also offer them a nice experience.
1. Why Is the Material Used in the Hotel Flooring Important?

For example, hotel flooring is an important investment, as guests will walk on this their entire stay. A good floor will not only look good but provide excellent support as well. A very good choice is cork flooring tiles or planks and cork underlayment. This will not only satisfy many of the client's needs but it will also offer several advantages to the business as well.

In comparison with other flooring options, cork presents a smaller initial investment. The price of cork flooring falls into the same range as hardwood flooring. However, cork gives you some benefits that hardwood flooring can’t, so with a cork floor you get more for your money. This is very important for the hotel business, especially for one in the initial phase.

Keep in mind that there are many models of cork tiles. So, any model that you want to use for your hotel can be found. This will ensure your guests an appealing appearance that is not below any other alternative.

Another important factor that you need to consider is the fact that cork is easier to clean and maintain. This will reduce the ongoing costs needed for the maintenance of your hotel. And the result will be a higher profit for you.

2. How Will a Cork Floor Help You to Grow Your Business?

There are several other benefits that a cork floor will offer to you and your guests:

-    Noise Reduction. In comparison with other materials, cork produces a smaller amount of noise when it comes into contact with other objects. This means that the noise produced by your staff and guests walking around will be reduced and often not bother everyone. Cork also acts as a sound insulator so sound waves are absorbed and dispersed by a cork barrier.

-    Healthy. Cork is a material that has natural antimicrobial proprieties. A cork floor  hotel flooring https://www.icorkfloor.com/cork-underlayment-installation/ will not promote the growth of mold or mildew, and fights off wood rot.

-    Eco-friendly. More and more people are interested in the ecological status of the planet. Cork helps reduce the amount of trees cut down every year as it is only derived from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. This makes it a regenerable resource and an eco-friendly material.

All of these proprieties will help ensure that your clients and guests have a pleasurable experience in your hotel, and will up the chance of them choosing to stay with your hotel again. Flooring is important in a hotel. Beauty and functionality is a must. With some serious advantages, a cork floor will be a good investment for any establishment in the hospitality field.

3. Why Should You Also Install a Cork Underlayment?

A cork floor is good but you should also consider underlayment. Why? Because underlayment works as a support for the subfloor and flooring above it. Cork underlayment also adds a measure of comfort. As cork has a ‘cushion’ to it, beneath a surface floor it will minimize some flaws and give better comfort to the body. And yes, it is a good idea to use a cork underlayment https://www.icorkfloor.com/cork-underlayment-installation/ as this will enhance the functionality and performance of the surface floor. Cork underlayment will provide you with better thermal and sound insulation as well as solid subfloor support. Take advantage of the maximum benefits from this investment.

The combination of a cork floor and cork underlayment is very good. The process of installation for both the underlayment and the floor is straightforward and doable too. Armed with the correct knowledge, proper installation and a little know how, you can turn this into a viable project that will save you money in the long run.

4. How Should Your Cork Floor Be Installed?

As mentioned above, the installation process is not hard. There are 3 big steps that your professional team needs to follow for a successful installment:

-    Clean the floor. Before starting the installation of the hotel flooring you need to clean the old flooring area. There must be nothing left between the floor and the cork tiles. If anything is left then the lifespan of your new floor will be affected. So, the cleaner the floor is the better it will be for you.

-    Install the cork underlayment. The next step is the installation of the underlayment. If you intend to go with a floating cork floor, then the cork underlayment should be floating as well. If you go with a glue-down cork floor, then the underlayment must be glued-downed as well. 

-    Install the cork tiles. For glue-down installations we recommend professional flooring contractors or an person experienced in cork flooring installation. Why? This style of installation is labor intensive. And also because mistakes here will be costly and time consuming. A floating cork floor installation is much easier and quicker. If you enjoy DIY projects, this may be one for you.
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