Why Should You Use Cork Flooring in Your Hotel?

Posted May 4, 2020 by ZoeScarlet

Cork flooring is a flooring material that has existed since the mid19th century. Nowadays it has become very popular because of the massive surge in eco-conservation.
1. What Is Cork Flooring?

It has slowly become one of the most popular flooring methods. Commercial businesses have also started to use this material because of its low-impact effect on the environment and, because it is pleasing to both businesses and their clients. For example, you will be able to find more and more hotel flooring that is made from cork.

Although most cork used today is a processed material, it is still very natural because most cork products contain only the bark from the cork oak tree, resins and binders. Because it is derived solely from the bark, not from the actual wood, no tree is cut down to make cork tiles. Many environmentally friendly businesses use it for this regenerative source. In fact, cork oak trees are specially planted for commercial purposes, and they are not cut down, only the bark is regularly harvested.

Keep in mind that cork is biodegradable because it is made from a natural resource. As you will probably change your flooring before the lifetime of a cork floor passes, this is another advantage to you. In this article, you will discover some advantages of cork and if it is a good material for the floors of a hotel.

2. What Are the Advantages Brought by Cork Flooring?

There are 6 big advantages brought by cork flooring https://www.icorkfloor.com/installing-cork-tiles/:

- It has a softer ‘cushioned’ surface. Not many flooring options have a surface that provides a ‘give’ that cushions and supports. A cork floor will minimize accidents and help prevent serious injury. This type of material will be a good investment for homes with elderly people and small children.

- It is a good insulator. Cork is a natural insulator. This means that your floor will help maintain ambient temperatures for longer and inhibit outside fluctuations. This will be very helpful in making your winters much warmer and your summers much cooler.

- You can refinish it. It does not matter what floor it is and how maintained it is, there will always be small incidents that can harm a part of its surface. In time you will have to change the flooring due to an ugly appearance. Cork floors can be easily refinished. This will give your floor a new appearance at much less cost.

- It is easily installed. Installing a floating cork floor can be an easy weekend project. Or if you want a better install for less of your own labor, go with a professional cork floor installer for glue-down tiles. If you have the know-how and experience, even better. Installing a cork floor is a process that can be learned.

- It offers health benefits. Cork is a hypoallergenic material, so it will help you stave off certain allergies. And it is also antimicrobial. Cork will fight mold, mildew and wood rot, giving you a cleaner, healthier space to live in.

- It offers a big number of design options. The number of options in the past was limited. But now, you can find a wide variety of design patterns and colors for your floor. Not only can you find all types of wood designs but also other materials. For example, your floor could mimic marble or even concrete.

3. Is Cork Good for Hotel Flooring?

With so many advantages you may wonder if it is a good idea to make your hotel flooring https://www.icorkfloor.com/installing-cork-tiles/ from cork. And it is, there are several advantages that this type of floor offers to the hotel industry:

- Easy to clean. It is well known that the rooms of a hotel need daily cleaning which can take a lot of time for your staff to finish. Cork has the advantage of being easy to clean. Spilled wine or juice can easily be wiped up. A gentle sweep or damp mop will help the floor maintain its appearance. And it doesn’t require harsh chemicals to disinfect.

- Noise insulator. Cork is a natural way to reduce noise. On the floor and on the walls, it will help cut back on noise transfer. This is a very beneficial effect for a hotel. Other types of floors like marble or hardwood create noise from the people walking This can disrupt sleep. A cork floor works as a very good material to prevent that from happening.

- Beautiful. As mentioned above, cork can be made to have many different appearances. This offers the possibility to create a very appealing environment. Whatever your hotel theme or style, cork can complement it without any worries. Be sure that it will offer your clients a good visual and practical experience.

- Safe. Because it is a hypoallergenic material, cork flooring will not actively do harm. Moreover, it also repels boring insects. This means you are less likely to encounter common problems that can be caused by other wood-type floors. Also, because it has a softer non-slip surface, falls and spills will not only be minimized but also have less serious injuries.

As you can see cork is one of the best alternatives that you can find for hotel flooring. It carries a less expensive pricing and performs more jobs than other materials, meeting many of the needs that your hotel may have. Even your eco-friendly guests will be happy to find out that no trees were cut down for the manufacture of your floors.
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