5 Types of Fellow Gamblers That Can Ruin Your Game

Posted August 27, 2021 by dylan_moran

Everyone loses in a casino. You may be on a roll, but that role will not last forever.

Playing games at a casino--especially in a land-based establishment-can provide a unique social experience to anyone. You get to play with friends, people you are acquainted with, and even total strangers. You socialize, talk, and maybe even make a new friend along the way because of the games that you play. However, not every person you get to meet while playing games can be a pleasant experience. There are those times when you get to be with someone who just ruins all the fun for you--and no one likes that. 

Even if you are playing in online casinos with real money, you may experience a player in a live casino setup that just kills the mood--even if it is just online. So how do you deal with these people? 

Here are five of the worst types of fellow gamblers that can ruin your gambling experience.

The sore loser

Everyone loses in a casino. You may be on a roll, but that role will not last forever. However, some people just cannot take losing like a mature adult. Sore losers are those who lose a game and immediately blame other people

The dealer is cheating. The cards are rigged. That guy across from me is cheating. The slot is rigged. These and a lot more are just some of the petty excuses a sore loser complains about every time they lose money--big or small in amount.

The drunk

In a land-based casino, it is common to have free-flowing drinks. After all, the more you drink, the more likely you are to give more money to the casino. However, some people seem to forget the boundaries of drinking. 

Some get too drunk that they start misbehaving, disrupting other players, and sometimes, even disrupting an entire game. Although the chances of them getting kicked out the next minute are very likely, the hassle and the acne they can make is still a bother for players just trying to have fun--and win some money.

The “pro”

The “pro” is not a pro--he is simply someone who is a regular at the casino. However, this regular would do their best to intimidate you by wearing the “I am a pro” suit all the time and sticking it to your face with every chance that they can have.

The creeper

This is more applicable in card games, like blackjack. Creepers are those who subtly--or sometimes, even explicitly--try to peek at your cards. Sometimes, they may even directly ask you what your hand is!

Creepers are people who need to learn the basic concept of a card game--which you are not meant to share your hand. Not even to a friend, much less to a random stranger.

The know-it-all

This is the type that just won’t stop talking. No matter what games you play, or no matter what happens in a game, you can expect the know-it-al to have an opinion. Most of the time, the opinion would be self-centered and paint them as the superior player. 

The know-it-all is also prone to telling all kinds of long stories and giving off all kinds of pointless trivia about a game, a play, or anything at all. The funny thing is that they often do this even without no one asking them to.

Before you go

There are more types of gamblers that can ruin your gameplay--be it land-based or online. What matters most is that you do not become one of them--because it is never cool to ruin someone’s day, especially if they are trying to have fun.

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