The Affordable Watches from Megalith Want to be The Mature Men's First Watch

Posted February 23, 2022 by pinawyj

The watch strapped on the wrist of a man can tell you a lot about him without him having to say a word. While the smartphone rendered using watches for time telling pretty much useless, they still carry an enormous weight as status symbols.

The watch strapped on the wrist of a man can tell you a lot about him without him having to say a word. While the smartphone rendered using watches for time telling pretty much useless, they still carry an enormous weight as status symbols. Moreover, regardless of price, fashion-conscious people do enjoy the aesthetics of the more detailed models. However, price remains a dissuading factor for most men when it comes to adding the most stylish watches to their fashion repertoire. Yet, affordable watches are quickly changing that.

Are Affordable Watches Any Good?

Rest assured, 'affordable' watches don't mean 'knockoffs' in any way. On the contrary, these are products that cater to the demands of fashion-conscious people otherwise put off by expensive price tags.

Both as a statement-making status symbol and quite an important fashion accessory for men, great-looking watches are in demand. Even from those less affluent. One particularly hungry demographic demanding watches are young men just starting out in the world.

Men making their headway into society for the first time these days are eager to both gather respect and express themselves. If those men happen to be particularly fashion and even status-conscious, they are likely to recognize the statement-making value a nice watch has.

Both for showcasing their style and complementing business attires, these men want society to notice them, and watches might just help. There's one problem, though: the high price of luxurious timepieces might keep them for it. However, Megalith and its series of stylish-yet-affordable watches are here to change that.

The Mature Men's First Watch Happens to Be Affordable

We at Megalith are keenly aware and feel for that demographic of men just starting out, looking to stand out. When making their headway into maturity, we want to be beside them at every step of the way. More specifically, we want our affordable watches to accompany them every step of the way.

Featuring a stylish, high-end look clearly inspired by the big luxury watch brands. Megalith watches wants men to know they don't need to break the bank in order to stand out.

Rather, our curated collections offer similar aesthetics and functions at a more affordable price. But how can these be?

A Word on Manufacturing Advantages

Due to the fact that our HQ is firmly at the center of the Chinese manufacturing scene, the city of Guangdong, we can humbly claim the home advantage.

See, Guangdong it's the place from which factories most big-name watch brands source their watch parts from. Yes, even the luxury brands. This is a testament to the rapid growth of the Chinese manufacturing sector. It also presents the home players, such as ourselves, with an advantage.

Due to us having intrinsic knowledge of the providers on-site, we are able to correctly identify affordable, high-quality parts, craftsmen, and factories. All translating to, you guessed, lower production costs which we gladly reflect on our products' price tag. Hence, our stylish selection of affordable watches ready to provide the just-starting-out-men of the world an aesthetic way to stand out.

Not for nothing, we at Megalith like to dub ourselves 'the mature men's first watch.'

Watches, Luxurious Watches, And Affordable Watches in The Past Century

For us, watches and their primary function of telling time are a bit passe due to the advances of technology. But there was a time when watches themselves were the technical achievement of its day. Pocket watches were already a thing in 16th century Europe.

Cumbersome as they were, they still held a status symbol effect around them. Their use was mostly on behalf of affluent people, however. Then the industrial revolution happened. Its immediate demands for the workers meant now less affluent people needed to be able to keep up with the time and schedule.

In order to make it a bit more immediate to tell time for them, the Swiss watchmakers came up with the concept of the wristwatch. Instead of reaching to your pocket, they just now looked at the back of your hand. Quite the simplification.

Curiously, the amount of wealth and expansion of productive capability at the time also gave rise to the next stage of watch demands:

'Luxury watches'

Making Watches Status Symbols Again

Since now a lot of people had a watch, it became increasingly difficult to satiate that human need to stand out by owning one. Watchmaker saw this as a chance to offer consumers looking for unique, precious things the product they wanted.

Since the demand for mass production of wristwatches limited them to put all their careful craftmanship into production. Luxury watches were now the chance they had to put in their most intricate work and produce precious products people were willing to spend lots on.

Along with being carefully crafted products inside, luxury watches are also particularly beautiful on the outside. So much so that fashion-conscious but not necessarily affluent people took a liking to them.

So, as watches became a status symbol once again, a sector of consumers stayed left out from enjoying their aesthetic appeal. That it's until the advent of manufacturers catering to them through particularly stylish yet, affordable watches.

Why Would Anyone Want an Affordable Watch?

The desire for others to see us as successful it's a great drive. After all, the sweat of our brow must be worth something at the end of the day. As stated before, luxury watches today are not about the watch and how it tells time at all. Rather it's the statement-making appeal they have.

Seeing someone sporting one incredibly luxurious timepiece strapped around their wrist is more than just showing off. It lets you know some stuff about them instinctively. Right off the bat, you would know that said person is likely successful at whatever they do.

The kind of design style of the timepiece also gives insight into their personality and even hobbies depending on its features. It's a statement made without words that elicits instinctive respect from the onlookers and, again, who doesn't like some recognition?

Yet, as implied by the name, 'luxury' watches are not particularly cheap. They can fetch a hefty price which is why we can get a clue on how successful someone rocking one might be.

However, some people enjoy watches primarily for their style since it's one of men's classic fashion accessories that is universally respected.

High prices, however, might be a gatekeeping factor that leaves out men who just started making their headway through life from rocking one. This is where affordable watches come in.

The Affordable Watches from Megalith Want to be The Mature Men's First Watch – The Takeaway

For every man eager to express their style and make people notice them, our affordable timepieces are here to help you out. When price becomes a minor factor, the amount of ways you can make yourself stand out rises exponentially.

It might be just the start of a journey to make a name for yourself, but looking presentable and on-point will afford you an advantage. If you are this kind of man, feel free to look around our curated selection of stylish, affordable watches. You might just find one watch that unequivocally shows you are someone to take seriously.

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