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Posted December 19, 2021 by AbbyClare

Although fresh flowers are stunning, diverse, colorful, they have some disadvantages.
Although fresh flowers are stunning, diverse, colorful, they have some disadvantages. One of the most obvious ones is that they wilt easily. Especially when they are put in arrangements and bouquets, they don’t keep their shape for very long. Florists even recommend certain types for certain arrangements, depending on your preferences and budget. However, this does not mean you should settle with them.

The good news is that alternatives exist, and this does not mean you should look only for paper or plastic flowers, because they don’t look very realistic and they are not eco-friendly either. Sola flowers are a very good alternative, they are highly durable, unique, they are customizable, and reasonably priced. A wood flower bouquet will certainly stand out.

What Are the Options for a Flower Bouquet and Why a Wood Flower Bouquet Stands Out?

Back in the days, brides did not have many choices when it comes to wedding blooms. They had to choose between fresh or silk. Fresh blooms will always remain among brides’ preferences, but the truth is that they cost considerably and the initial investment is lost once the big day is over. Not to mention they require certain weather conditions to keep their freshness. On the other hand, with a wood flower bouquet there is less to worry about.

During the first hours of the big day, brides do everything possible to keep their bouquets in great shape, so that they look good for pictures and while walking down the aisle. In a hot summer day, if you plan to take many photos outside, this could be an issue, because blossoms will not resist for a very long time.

What about brides that have allergies? Many people suffer from pollen allergies, they are also sensitive to certain fragrances, and for them it is even more difficult to stay near fresh flowers. In this case as well, sola flowers win terrain, because they are odorless and they have no pollen. This means you can put as many arrangements and centerpieces as you like around the venue, because no one will have any complaints.

The Many Advantages of a Wood Flower Bouquet

Brides and those who usually purchase flowers expect certain qualities. Besides beauty and freshness, they want flowers to withstand conditions and keep their look for many days. Also, when put in bouquets and arrangements, not all flowers handle very well, because some are more sensitive. Discovering the advantages of sola flowers is possible when you read more about them, and when you find a trusted provider that impresses with great collections.

You can never go wrong with sola flowers, because they have great features, no to mention they are unique. Crafters work hard to mold sheets into petals, put them together and create stunning blossoms. You can find all flower varieties, there are no restrictions when it comes to country of origin, seasonality, or such.


This is an important aspect that should concern more and more people. It seems that everything we do has an impact on the environment, and if we could make a difference, why not? A wood flower bouquet is eco-friendly, because the tapioca plant grows fast, and the harvesting method is harmless.

Crafters use the root of the plant to cut thin sheets and then come up with different designs. Being hand-made all blossoms are unique and you will not find two alike. Not to mention that flowers are reusable, so after an event is over, you can offer them as gifts to guests, or take them home and create other arrangements.

Availability all year round

Everyone has a favorite flower, and people want to have it during their event. brides specifically are very pretentious, because it is the most important day in their lives. They have a theme and color scheme set for the day, and they want flowers that match perfectly.

A wood flower bouquet has no restrictions, which means you can have any flower style at any point. For instance, if you organize a winter wedding, but you would love some spring or summer flowers, such as dahlias, daffodils, tulips, peonies, sola flowers are the answer.

How a Wood Flower Bouquet Complements Every Theme

Versatility is another advantage of sola flowers. No matter the color scheme you have in mind or the theme of the event, it is good to know that you can accomplish them with wooden blossoms. Fresh flowers are available in many colors, but not in all of them. Maybe you have your heart set on blue or turquoise.

Instead of settling with something else or making compromises, you can have a turquoise wood flower bouquet. When you shop online, you will find mostly white and ivory shades, but there is no need to worry, because you can dye them in all possible shades. You can play with colors and learn about some of the most efficient techniques online.

Where to Shop for Sola Flowers and Find the Best Products

You might not be able to find sola flowers everywhere, in local shops or at florists, but you can easily find them online. There are many trusted providers that sell some of the amazing products, high-quality, durable, unique, and with high attention to detail. To make sure, always read reviews and verify credibility, to receive the desired products and not end up disappointed.

If you want to save money and still purchase quality products, you can buy in bulk. This way, you receive a high number of flowers, and you can combine them how you please, put them in bouquets, use them as decorations, and more.

It is advised to read product description, because in many cases these flowers are sold stemless, which means you have to add some on your own. You can use twigs or wire, and there are many creative ways to hide them. To complete arrangements, don’t forget about fillers or greenery. Some providers sell them on their online shops, so you can purchase all accessories from the same place and save time.
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