The Differences Between Fresh Flowers and Sola Flowers

Posted December 19, 2021 by AbbyClare

Everyone enjoys flowers. Some people purchase them to decorate their homes, while others to offer them as gifts.
Everyone enjoys flowers. Some people purchase them to decorate their homes, while others to offer them as gifts. Special events require floral arrangements and people usually use specialized services to have flowers delivered on time. However, fresh blooms wilt fast, some varieties are very sensitive to natural sunlight and once they are cut, they will not last very long, even if they are placed in water right away.

This is one of the main reasons why alternatives exist. Some are better than the others, and not many know about sola flowers. These blooms are stunning, they are natural, highly customizable, versatile, and offered in bulk by sellers. You can use them for any occasion, no matter how small or big the event is. In fact, you will fall in love with them and want to get more and more, just to enjoy their presence.

Reasons to Use Sola Flowers

People use sola flowers for different purposes. Some buy them to cater events, decorate venues, houses, to have beautiful arrangements around the house, to offer as gifts, and more. On the other hand, some are into crafts and they buy these blooms to create stunning bouquets and sell afterwards or use in their activity. Craft projects keep people busy and allow them to use their creativity and passion, not to mention make an income out of them.

Working with fresh flowers is challenging, because they are not very flexible and versatile. Many get ruined in the process, stems break, and designers are unable to use them anymore. The process is expensive, and require a high level of attention and dedication. The good news is that wooden flowers are different, they are more durable, and even if you ruffle the petals, they can be reshaped quite easily.

Not to mention that these flowers can easily be personalized. You can dye them using different types of paint and obtain stunning results. Since they are very popular, more and more crafters share their secrets and ideas online. You can find guides and videos to help you through the process, and soon enough you will master the technique and become an expert.

Why You Should Purchase and Craft Sola Flowers

Price is an important consideration for many people when they buy flowers. Some seek the best deals, so they can have as many flowers as possible and materials to work with. Besides blooms, other items are usually required, such as fillers, greenery, stems, wrappers, baskets, and other accessories. The good news is that online you can find some great deals on wooden flowers, and a good example source is .

To get into crafting, you can start with small projects, such as making small arrangements or even fridge magnets. With fresh flowers this is not always possible, but sola flowers are certainly better. You simply need a couple of blossoms, some glue, twigs, or wire, and put everything together. Some sellers offer guides on how to work with their products, come up with interesting ideas, so you can find your inspiration.

Coloring sola flowers

Not everyone has the necessary techniques from the start, but this does not mean that they cannot be taught. With practice comes experience, and you will soon enough learn how to layer dye colors, how to use airbrush techniques, and achieve the most realistic results. Although sellers usually provide popular flower types, such as roses, peonies, lilies, carnations, they also have some designs that don’t exist in the flower world.

In general, you can find shades such as white and ivory, because the root of the tapioca plant has this shade, and sellers want to provide clients the possibility to customize flowers however they like. You can create stunning arrangements with these shades, especially for special occasions, such as weddings. Brides love ivory, it is delicate, romantic, and matches any theme. In this case, blooms simply have to be arranged together.

Adding scents to sola flowers

Another great way to personalize sola flowers is to add scent to them. Being odorless has some advantages, especially for people who suffer from allergies. In this case, blossoms can be used in a high number and in all possible ways, because they don’t have pollen or any scent.

However, if you want to customize wooden blossoms and add scent, maybe some floral touches or oriental scents, you can achieve this by using essential oils. A few drops will make the entire arrangement smell divine and the best part is that the smell will last. Once it fades away, repeat the process, and create natural air fresheners in your home or throughout the event you cater.

Where to Find Sola Wooden Flowers

Due to their increased popularity, it is very easy to find wooden flowers nowadays. Sellers have online websites where they advertise their offer, and you can purchase a wide variety of flowers for all your projects. If you need a large quantity and you want to save money in the same time, you can buy in bulk. This way, you will have the necessary materials at your disposal without breaking the bank.

Once the flowers are delivered, you can start your crafting projects. Working with them is very relaxing, especially when you feel the material and you see how nice they turn out after you dye them. You will even be able to relax while fluffing the petals, pinching, and spreading them out to reveal an open bloom.

Evaluating sellers is important, to make sure that you receive high-quality products and you have nothing to complain afterwards. Every product should have a description, point out the size, if stems are provided or not, the condition of the flower, and more. It is important to mention that being hand-made, every item is unique, and this is in fact one of the greatest advantages.

Creative Ways to Use Wooden Flowers

There are so many ways in which you can highlight the beauty of wooden flowers. Besides the classic bouquets, you can create flower crowns, wreaths, arches, gift boxes, and so much more.
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