Reasons to Buy Wood Flowers Wholesale

Posted April 3, 2021 by AbbyClare

People tend to overlook alternatives to real flowers, thinking they don’t come close to them, or they are not versatile or diverse enough.
People tend to overlook alternatives to real flowers, thinking they don’t come close to them, or they are not versatile or diverse enough. This is far from the truth, because wood flowers wholesale has so many advantages and it is worth knowing as much as possible about them. It is up to every person to decide what they like, but it is always a good idea to have options. You can always purchase a few flowers for a bouquet or arrangement to see how it turns out, and if you like what you achieve and how the blooms look, feel free to decorate the entire venue with them.

What Is a Wood Flowers Wholesale

Wood flowers wholesale are considered to be a hit, especially since more and more people tend to discover them. Many crafters are in love with them, because they can use them for different projects, such as decorations, jewelry, and more. Event planners, brides, adore them for decorating venues, for bouquets, and arrangements. They have all the reasons to do it, because such blooms are sustainable, natural, and biodegradable. People can use them over and over again, put them in different arrangements, and enjoy how durable they are. They do not wither and maintain their shape throughout the years.

The blooms are eco-friendly, but at the same time they are more durable and affordable, which means that people don’t have to compromise. They can choose as many flowers as they like, decorate their homes and venues with some of the most intriguing designs. People love fresh flowers, but after a couple of hours out of water, they wilt, which means that bouquets lose their initial design and fresh look. Instead of going through the effort and paying extra for blooms, you can benefit from long-lasting arrangements that are highly customizable and stunning.

Why Buy Sola Flowers

Sola wood comes from Cassava, which is the tapioca plant root. Crafters use the center of the plant to design the petals, by turning it into thin sheets. Everything is done manually, the sheets are softened and shaped, which means you benefit from a unique design every time. In general, you will find light colored blossoms, in ivory, but there are cases when crafters use the bark as well and leave it on to reveal a two-tone effect. Skin and skinless blooms are purchased as they are from luv sola flowers , and afterwards people can dye them using the desired color to reveal the final look.

For those wondering what type of dye to use on sola flowers, it is good to know that there are many options, such as craft or acrylic paint, spray paint, latex, fabric or watercolor dye. This gives people so many opportunities to create beautiful effects and looks, in single colors, combined, either delicate or ones that stand out when presented. The process used to make the blossoms is eco-friendly, considering the wood grows quickly and it is a renewable source. People who care about the environment should definitely take this aspect into account.

Another great aspect regarding wood flowers wholesale is that they are reusable. They can be repurposed for different events, placed in different arrangements. It is important to note that most blooms are sold without stems, but it is very easy to get some wire and add it on the back of the flowers. Afterwards, simply wrap the wire with ribbon, or any other fabric and create a natural look. There are hundreds of options available, and seasons do not affect availability. No matter if you want a certain flower in the middle of the winter or spring, rest assured that you can find it all year round.

If you take a look online, you will find several sellers that offer beautiful blooms. Always make sure you buy from someone reliable, which has good reviews and credentials. You will be amazed of the diversity and the great offers. From time to time, you will find special offers, discounts, and can save considerably on your order. Of course, buying wholesale means you will save money, but at the same time, get quality flowers. Every product should have description, pointing out details about size, how it is made, color, and such. Wood flowers wholesale are highly recommended for people that have allergies. If they do not stand to be around flowers, because of pollen or smell, they will have no issues with sola blossoms. Allergens are not present, and people can easily place arrangements throughout the house or decorate venues. Longevity is one of the most notable benefits. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to preserve your wedding bouquet forever, instead of finding solutions for fresh flowers that wilt. Every few months simply dust them, and you will enjoy the gorgeous view and remember the most beautiful day of your life.

Where to Find Sola Flowers

The easiest way to purchase wood flowers wholesale is to look online. Shipping is done fast, prices are very attractive, and you have the freedom to look around and add the desired products in the shopping cart. Imagine the arrangements and bouquets you plan to design and afterwards, decide on how many flowers you need, and what shapes and sizes you should purchase.

In case wood flowers wholesale arrive a little wrinkled, there is no need to worry, because you can bring petals back to life using some water. Simply dunk the blooms in water and work with the petals, so they don’t look flat anymore. They are quite resistant and once they dry, they are as good as new.

Wood flowers wholesale look very real and soft, and they are suitable for DIY projects, for wedding bouquets and arrangements. You can get inspired by looking online, to get ideas on how to combine them. There are many tutorials and guides to guide you through the process, and once you become familiar with these sola blooms, you will not stop from buying them. Whenever you need flowers, don’t forget about them and the possibilities they provide.
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