Why Are Wooden Wedding Bouquets the Latest Craze?

Posted October 5, 2021 by AbbyClare

Flowers bring a touch of refinement and elegance to any decor; it comes as no surprise that flowers are present at all sorts of events, be them formal or casual and they serve an important purpose.
Flowers bring a touch of refinement and elegance to any decor; it comes as no surprise that flowers are present at all sorts of events, be them formal or casual and they serve an important purpose. Couples that plan to get married in the near future and would like to see what options they have as far as floral arrangements are concerned should not ignore sola flowers. You can order wooden wedding bouquets for your special day that offer you the best value for your money.

When Are Wooden Wedding Bouquets a Suitable Choice?

There are couples who are determined to use only natural flowers at their wedding, regardless of how much it will cost them and what sacrifices they have to make. It is impossible to convince such couples that there are alternatives and that they do not have to spend lots of money on a natural wedding decor. On the other hand, there are also those who get sad when they see how much natural floral arrangements cost because they cannot afford them. The good news is that wooden wedding bouquets are stunning and affordable at the same time.

Individuals that decide to use https://luvsolaflowers.com wooden wedding bouquets instead of natural ones will not regret this for a second. Sola flowers are a wonderful choice for so many reasons and they enable you to create the bouquet of your dreams without spending a fortune. People who suffer from allergies and cannot be in a room with flowers will love to learn that they can use wood flowers instead of natural ones. There are even brides that have pollen allergies and that cannot have a natural bouquet.

When using sola flowers you no longer have to worry about this aspect; furthermore, you will be able to choose from an impressive selection of beautiful bouquets and keep them and cherish them for a very long time. Moving on, fresh flowers are not a great option during hot summer days for they will lose their freshness and natural beauty after they are exposed to direct sun light. If you do not want to risk having a ruined décor because of the hot weather, you can use sola flowers instead and deal with this issue once and for all.

What Flowers Can Be Used for Wedding Bouquets?

Duos who are wondering what flowers to use for their special wedding bouquet should know that there are no limits when working with sola flowers. Professionals can create a variety of lovely wooden wedding bouquets that will look fresh and preserve their beauty for a long time. Another wonderful aspect about such bouquets is that you can use the type of flowers you have always wanted without having to compromise.

Season and what type of flowers are available during that season when you plan to get married is no longer an issue when you use sola flowers bouquets. You can search online for https://luvsolaflowers.com luv sola flowers and see for yourselves what they have to offer and how beautiful and unique they are. It is common knowledge that natural flowers are very expensive and that creating a natural decor for your special day does not come cheap. When using sola flowers on the other hand, you get to keep costs under control and you have the possibility to reuse your bouquets and to preserve them for as long as you please.

Natural flowers are unique, they convey a feeling of delicacy, refinement, fragility, innocence. It is not hard to see why people prefer them regardless of their cost. Wood flowers can be made to mimic natural ones perfectly so that no one can tell the difference and they are far more reasonably priced. These flowers are just as elegant, delicate and beautiful as natural ones and you should not say no to them without seeing how they look.

How to Order Wooden Flowers Bouquets for the Wedding?

Couples that have decided to use wooden wedding bouquets on their wedding day are advised to place their order in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, before they contact a reliable supplier they have to decide on the following aspects:
• What type of bouquets do they have in mind?
• Have they decided on a particular shape or size?
• What flowers would they like to have in their bouquets and what colors?
• How many bouquets should they order for their special day?
• When and where do they want to have the flowers delivered?

It is important to be able to answer to these questions before contacting the supplier that can help you with your wedding bouquets. The good news is that you can rely on the expertise and the guidance of specialists in this field for they will assist you every step of the way and make adequate recommendations. It is entirely up to you to decide how much money you can afford to spend on your wooden bouquet. What matters is that you understand that natural flowers are not the only option out there.

Numerous decorators and florists have started to work with sola flowers because of the many advantages they bring and because of the fact that many couples choose them over natural ones. The more you learn about wooden wedding bouquets, their versatility and uniqueness the more eager you will be to place an order. You can make your own bouquets to save some money but this is recommended only if you are talented and you have the time for this.

In fewer words, couples that have busy lives and want to have gorgeous bouquets at their special event should leave this task to experienced florists. They know what works and what doesn’t’; they will take into consideration your preferences and budget and they will come up with innovative and budget-friendly ideas for your wooden wedding bouquets. When you hire the best in this niche, you can rest assured your wedding bouquets will top your expectations.
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