Why Do People Prefer Wood Flowers Wedding Over Natural Ones?

Posted October 5, 2021 by AbbyClare

Weddings require lots of planning to be perfect. When organizing such a fabulous event, even the tiniest detail matters. Great importance is given to the venue, floral arrangements, food and entertainment.
Weddings require lots of planning to be perfect. When organizing such a fabulous event, even the tiniest detail matters. Great importance is given to the venue, floral arrangements, food and entertainment. Traditional wedding flowers were natural and quite expensive. Nowadays couples have become aware of the more affordable alternatives and they do not mind creating their floral decor with wood flowers wedding. By doing so they get to save money on decorations and at the same time they can engage in a DIY project should they choose to make the arrangements themselves.

Why Is Wood Flowers Wedding a Great Choice?

Sola flowers are soft, pliable and they can be used to replace a traditional decor and to create a unique venue. Couples that want something different than what they have seen before at their wedding can choose https://luvsolaflowers.com wood flowers wedding and enjoy the advantages they bring:
• They can be customized according to your specific desires- when using wood flowers, you can die them in any color to ensure they match your wedding color palette.
• They can use any flower they have in mind regardless of the season; for example, it is impossible to have a peony bouquet if you get married in autumn but this is no longer an issue when using sola flowers because they are not limited to seasons.
• It is impossible to preserve wedding arrangements in a great condition for more than a few hours during hot summer days; most natural flowers droop and wilt as the heat affects them; sola flowers on the other hand do not have to be kept in water and the heat will not cause them to lose their petals.
• They enable couples to save money and to create a spectacular wedding decor; brides that want to exceed their budget can have a flower decor that looks like the real deal and save money in the process.
• These flowers are eco-friendly so you will have peace of mind knowing that your wedding decor does not damage the environment.
• They can be preserved for a long time provided they are maintained and stored properly.

Why Do Couples Prefer Sola Flowers at Their Weddings?

If you are in charge of planning your wedding, you probably know how many expenses you have and how difficult it is to stick to the budget you have established. Every penny you spend matters and there are some things you can do to keep your budget under control. One of them is to replace real flowers with wood flowers wedding that are just as elegant but much more accessible from a financial point of view. Duos who are getting married do not want to take any risks as far as their wedding is concerned.

It makes sense for them to want everything to be perfect but let’s face it, many of them are on a tight budget. It is because of this budget that they cannot afford to spend on natural wedding decorations; what they do not know is that this is not a tragedy; couples to be married can organized a wonderful wedding regardless of the theme they have in mind by using sola flowers. If you are aware of the fact that you cannot afford to use natural flowers to decorate your venue, https://luvsolaflowers.com click here to see what other options you have. The fact of the matter is thar real flowers get more and more expensive every year and the worst part is that they last only for a few hours and afterwards they are tossed away.

Individuals that decide to opt for wood flowers for their wedding can transform the venue into a unique place and they can use sola flowers for pretty much everything they want; center pieces, bridal bouquet, exterior decor, boutonnieres, corsages and so on. It is useful to know that wood flowers have a realistic aspect; this is important for those who want their flowers to look natural; there are also couples who want to have unique flowers that do not resemble anything that is found in nature; this is possible by using wood flowers wedding.

How to Use Wood Flowers for Wedding?

Couples that are open to alternatives as far as natural flowers are concerned and have decided to turn their attention towards wood flowers wedding will not regret their decision. There are different ways to incorporate these flowers at such a special event:
• Ceremony flowers- these look stunning in boutonnieres and corsages for the special guests. Sola flowers are often used to decorate aisle markers or to create a lovely arch for the ceremony.
• Reception flowers- the most common are the table center pieces that are placed on every table and that catch the attention of the guests; you can also create a floral wall that will delight your guests and make a unique place where they can take photos that they will remember for a lifetime.
• Bridal bouquet- you can have a unique bouquet that will stand out.
• Bridal accessories

In fewer words, wood flowers wedding are popular because they mimic real flowers and because of their versatility. Most couples love the fact that they do not have to make any compromises when it comes to their wedding decor and that they can let their imagination run wild. It is easier to create your dream decor when you use the right flowers and you no longer have to worry about being limited. Experienced decorators know how to work with sola flowers and they will make adequate suggestions so that you have a wedding decor that you love.

It is not every day that you decide to get married and to start planning your special day; if you do have already embarked on the planning process and you do not want to leave room for any unpleasant surprises you should take the time to become familiar with all the options you have. Keep in mind that educating yourselves on all matters that are important to you will help you take better decisions and this is also the case with wood flowers wedding.
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