Are you worried about Tips for Telos&Up to 8% free bonus for rs3 gold 7.1-7.22?

Posted June 29, 2016 by accolac99

Are you worried about Tips for Telos&Up to 8% free bonus for rs3 gold 7.1-7.22?
Hi guys, are you ready to take the glory and wisdom to fight Telos, the toughest solo boss in RuneScape? Before all the dedication to the boss fighting, you had better have a look at the basic guide for your Telos’ fight as below.

Phase 1: The beam on this phase will rapidly renew the player's adrenaline at the cost of fast prayer loss. Build up adrenaline enough adrenaline to quake + hurricane to get out of the bind. Anticipate before the green ball (his next attack) to reduce that damage. Get ready for freedom and run through him to avoid leap. Repeat in that order. You'll get full adrenaline easily after using an ultimate while standing in the green laser.

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Phase 2: Stand in black laser, get him to perform thresholds. Repeat the same as phase 1. If his bar gets to full, pray pro mage, use devotion + debilitate to reduce his damage output massively. Be sure to get 100% adrenaline before phase 3. The whole point to stand in black laser is to make sure his bar doesn’t fill up, which will make him do his magic attacks. Feel free to leave the laser and him, once you are comfortable with it. You should use minimal food for phase 1+2 with scrimshaw of vamp. If you need RS3 gold to help you, RSorder would be your best place to buy rs3 gold at the favorable price.

Phase 3: It is seems that phase 3 is Aura gated. If you don't have a decent accuracy aura, you won't be able to burst down Telos before the bar really starts climbing. And then you won't be able to keep up with the damage that he starts putting out if you let him get the 3 minions up with his bar high. You are advised to get up to 47% enrage with Greater Runic Accuracy and level 99 magic + Nox Staff. After the aura ran out, it would be extremely hard to get past phase. Pretty much all the streamers are using Supreme accuracy aura.

Phase 4: Stand at the nearest altar you can, attack him till he drops to 75k. When minions spawn, use quake+hurricane to get rid of them quickly. He will be invulnerable during the instant kill bomb attack, so just build up adrenaline. This is a place where the Noxious scythe and melee are amazing to hit the minions and the boss. Protect melee ensures you don't take a lot damage. Rinse and repeat.

As is concerned above, you have to take full use of your game knowledge and runescape 3 gold before taking Telos on in the multi-phase fight where the more you risk, the greater your rewards. If you are lack of RS3 gold cheap, RSorder is your best place to gather it.
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