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Posted February 19, 2016 by andrewroxanne

Birds are one of the most popular indoor pets. Ranging from parrots to roosters, almost all species of birds are grown as pets all around the world.
Birds are one of the most popular indoor pets. Ranging from parrots to roosters, almost all species of birds are grown as pets all around the world. People love them so much that they become heartbroken when something harmful happens to them. They are a source of infinite fun for their owners or caretakers. To enhance the fun, the birds are usually provided bird toys as well as parrot toys to play with them.
Toys help the birds to overcome their boredom. The sight of a bird playing with a toy provides joy and fun to everyone who is watching. The creature has to spend most of its lifetime doing almost nothing inside a cage. This can be called a sort of lifetime imprisonment. So this denial of freedom can have lots of mental and physical impacts on the bird. This is where the bird toys come in. They help the bird to get mentally and physically stimulated.
Most bird toys that are used nowadays are destructive in nature. However, you should not worry about them. It is the nature of the birds to shred the toys and destroy them. The work done in shredding the toys helps them to overcome boredom. Living inside a cage for years may cause mental problems for the bird. For example, it may begin to shred its own feathers. This will lead to dangerous skin conditions in the future. Without feathers, it is hard for them to survive, especially in colder countries. Playing with toys also help the bird to increase the strength of their beak.
Each bird has its own likes and dislikes. For example, a sparrow might not be comfortable with parrot toys available in the market. So it is important to get the bird what it likes the most. There are large varieties of toys to choose from, like shredding toys, interactive toys, toys that make sounds, etc.
The size and shape of the toys also matter. The size shouldn’t be too large that will make it impossible for the bird to handle. Also it shouldn’t be too little. Being little has a very dangerous problem because the bird may swallow the toy and choke to death. The shape should also be carefully selected. Large bead like toys cannot be easily destroyed, whereas fragile long ones can be easily shred into pieces. Noisy toys or toys that make sounds when the bird plays with them are also very attractive. The durability is a factor that must be considered when choosing such toys because they get easily damaged. The colour of the toy is also important. Usually, vibrant coloured toys are suggested as bird toys as most birds find bright colours to be more attractive than the dimmer ones.
While selecting toys, the material that they are made of must be carefully considered. Wood toys, for example, can be easily chewed when compared to those made out of plastics and other synthetic fibres. One other material which is popularly used to make parrot toys is leather. They also have a chewy nature and hence help the bird to improve the muscles behind their strong beaks.
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